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The Game regrets Meek Mill beef after double killing

Rapper Game regrets feud with Meek Mill after killings of two unarmed black men.

22nd Sep 2016

Credit: Big Hassle

The killing of unarmed black men by police in America has to stop.

This week the fight for racial equality in America was dealt a double blow after the killing of two black men by US police officers. Details are still emerging but it is reported that Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled father of seven was shot dead by a police officer whilst holding a book mistaken for a gun in Charlotte, North Carolina. This came a day after the killing of Terrence Crutcher - a father of four shot by police after his car broke down on the motorway – he was unarmed. Violent protests have since broken out of the streets of America.

2016 has been a year marred by police brutality and this has led numerous US athletes and rappers to speak out against the social injustices happening in their country. One of the more outspoken figures is Compton Rapper Game who led a spontaneous march in July with fellow West Coast Hip Hop Icon Snoop Dogg to LA police department to speak to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to discuss improving police relations with the community. Game’s actions have been exemplary but many observers questioned the rapper’s recent behaviour following a vicious series of Instagram threats headed towards Meek Mill – the beef emerged between the pair after Meek Mill allegedly ‘snitched’ to Sean Kingston that a member of Game’s entourage had robbed the singer’s jewellery in June in a Los Angeles club. Some have even claimed that Game’s erratic behaviour including the leaking of a sex tape, claims of sleeping with 3 Kardashians and his beef with Meek Mill are publicity stunts for the release of his upcoming album ‘1992’ which drops on October 7th.

The beef led to some entertaining Instagram posts as well as the release of two hard core diss tracks where neither rapper held back. Game firing first with a track titled ‘Pest Control’ and Meek Mill firing back with ‘OOOUUU remix’. Game rhymes aggressively: ‘They say the meek shall inherit the Earth /So I went and dug your ass up, 'cause Drizzy buried you first.’

Check it out ‘Pest Control’ here:


However, it seems like both men have seen the bigger picture after this week’s events with both posting emotional responses to the news of the killings of more unarmed black men by the police. Following the shootings, Game said in an interview with TMZ: ‘I find it a little difficult to be actually beefing with another African American artist’, showing some regret about the situation and its timing.

Clearly, the violence against African Americans has to stop and the people in positions of power in the black community know that they should be uniting together to end it rather than encouraging violence between each other because ultimately that is part of the problem.

Watch Game’s passionate interview below:

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