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Gracious K and Delirious Bring The Hype With 'Galdem Party'

Will 'Galdem Party' Be a legendary tune like the iconic 'Migraine Skank'

1st Feb 2017

Image Credit: Gracious K

Gracious K keeps doing a disappearing act after he drops a new single but hopefully this time he will stay for the long run

After dropping his latest track 'The Hype', Gracious K is back like he never left and demonstrates why he is the king of skankriddims. He has come up with another track that will get you in the mood to dance like mad! Switching up his style and finesse, 'Galdem Party' still implements authentic aspects of grime while Gracious K spits bars and Delirious delivers the catchy hook that will make your head bop and hopelessly try to imitate his voice.

This is the 'Galdem Party' and every girl needs to turn up to this track and flex on every male in the club to make them know that this song was made for them. Everything about this tune is infectious and we've been vybzing to this banger since we first heard it...if your body can't move or even buss a little shoulder bop then you need to revaluate your life.

But If you're ready to vybz out then listen to this track ASAP!

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