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Halsey Invites Big Sean & Stefflon Don To A Masquerade Ball

Halsey releases the visuals for her 'Alone' remix.

11th Apr 2018

Halsey leads us on an underground adventure for her "Celebration of Death" party in her exuberant neon coloured visuals for 'Alone', featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don.

Halsey struts her way into the masquerade ball looking like cat-woman dipped in pure gold and glitter, whilst relaying her unfulfilled love for a past lover featured in her previous “Now or Never” music video. Surrounded by guests you see Halsey get lost in the crowd when she finds her lover being embraced by another woman at the party. The cinematic flare portrays this even further to the point where you feel lost and overwhelmed with emotion along with her and deep down you cant help but think 'Men are trash'.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis and Halsey herself, the video sheds light on the emotional rollercoaster women go through when their heart is broken. Halsey took to Twitter to explain the symbolic elements behind the visuals and revealed that the clip represents Luna’s purging of Solis, opening a new chapter in her saga. Big Sean stands over her by the fountain all dressed in white like a Guardian Angel and tries to console her telling her everything is going to be okay and It's not the end of the world.

“Let’s hit the Maldives and hide behind palm trees, little red wine, weed and a calm breeze,” “Cuz baby you’ve been living life inside a bubble, When the last time you had somebody hug you? Hold up, when the last time you had somebody love you? Hold up, when the last time you love someone who love you?

Stefflon Don comes through with attitude and represents that one friend that reminds you that you don't ever need to trip over a man. The contrast between the three artists gives way to an unexpected collaboration that needs no explanation. From Halsey's silky vocals, Big Sean's wordplay and Stefflon Don's abrupt tone, the song helps to illustrate the different stages through a break up and let's just say Stefflon Don is the mood that we need 24/7.

"Still I, pu-pull up in the Benz wid tha all gold ting, Window down cah u haffi see me with ma king ,What ya' sipping, boy I'm dipping, now ya' tripping of a fling, I be clipping off ya wings, tadah"

Watch the visuals below:

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