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Hong Kong Fashion Guru David Tang Passes Away

The fashion world has just lost one of its greatest icons.

3rd Sep 2017

Domenico Puglies

Sir David Tang was a man of great character.

Incredibly charismatic, the Hong Kong luxury fashion designer, philanthropist, musician and general all-rounder, contributed to the culture in ways people could only imagine and the world mourns the loss of the great man after his brave battle with liver cancer.

Tang was best known for his work in the fashion industry. An innovator, he put his hometown on the map by establishing the high-end clothing line Shanghai Tang, inspired by traditional Chinese design, the company was later sold to the French luxury group Richemont in 1998.

Tang relished in exporting his culture to the world. Representing his native Hong Kong on a global stage, he travelled all over the world and was a well-known who inspired his followers through his humour, charisma and character. A known advisor to the world’s elites who was described as London’s most connected man, Tang was one of those people who comes around once in a lifetime.

A quick Google search will exhibit the power of the man, pictured alongside the world’s greatest icons from Queen Elizabeth, late Princess Diana to Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, Sir David Tang had something special which people warmed to. He lived the lifestyle many of us aspire to lead. From owning luxury restaurants, hosting exclusive club party events and establishing his own fashion line, he showed how creatives can live a successful life, culturally and financially. From being a patron to the London Symphony Orchestra, to writing a column for the Financial Times, Tang was not just a jack of all trades, he was a master of all.

A multifaceted man, Tang was not silent on political issues and called out the challenges democracy faced in his native Hong Kong and later in his life he became a unlikely latter-day champion of the NHS. On his battle with liver cancer before his death, he said on the NHS: “I will howl and hunt down anyone who dares to question the NHS…My mother always told me that the UK provided the best education in the world, to which I now add the best hospital care in the world.’

An icon who will always be remembered. He is survived by his wife Lucy and two children Victoria and David Junior.

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