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House Of Pharoahs Release 'The Fix' EP

A surprise drop from one of the hottest groups in UK Rap.

8th Apr 2018

House of Pharaohs offers us The Fix we didn’t know we needed.

The 5-track EP is evidence of growth from their Soundcloud days and a glimpse of their rising potential. The phrase “up next” has been used to describe a slew of artists who seem to fall massively short of their expectation and hype. House of Pharaohs are certainly “up next” and something tells us that the overhyped fate will not be the case for this London collective.

The Fix is rampant with House of Pharaohs’ distinct sound; fresh, dynamic, alternative and personal. For these reasons, it is difficult to liken their sound to others in the U.K. Production and aesthetic wise they can be likened to more artists from across the pond – somewhat drifting between a mixture of Brockhampton, Odd Future, A$AP Mob and Playboi Carti.

However, these comparisons fail to fully encapsulate the aesthetic of House of Pharaohs as they somehow remain in their own creative lane. They also seemingly steer clear of the familiar violent tropes which their U.K counterparts rap about, and rap about experiences which are personal to them. The themes stay within the realms of girls they’ve been with, how hard they are working or simply how much they are enjoying life.

The EP opens with Take Flight, a zestful head-bop track which encapsulates the energy of the group. The melodic transition from Flash to Wrist Watchworks fantastically – it’s the combination of the ritardando and modulation which tells us there’s a new story about to be told. Ironically, there are no lyrics during this transition but still an incredibly detailed narrative is delivered. If you were looking for a nice summer vibe, look no further than Hold Up. The sweet-simple chord progression and the skippy beat underneath House of Pharaohs’ effortless bars makes this track a vibe (I will admit, it has been on repeat since its release). The EP ends with Hundreds which remains true to the title and is the group speaking about how much money they intend on making.

The project strikes the perfect balance between them shining as a collective, yet them simultaneously showcasing their individual rapping talents. However, it’s like music marmite, you either love it or hate it! What is undeniable, is House of Pharaohs’ strong sense of identity and distinct sound which is all over this project. So if you’re looking for something different from the U.K rap scene, use 19 minutes and take in The Fix.

Must Listens: Hold Up, Take Flight/Hundreds

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to the full EP on Spotify below:

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