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How Will Nicki Minaj Respond To Remy Ma's Diss Track ?

Remy Ma went for blood in her attack on Nicki Minaj. Could it be the beginning of the end for Nicki?

28th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Billboard

Two rappers. Both have immaculate flow, both are at the top of the women's hip hop game. Oh, and both have beef.

After Nicki took some subtle shots on 'Make Love' and 'Swalla' earlier this year, Remy Ma, no stranger to beefs, responded to her counterpart with a heavy, seven minute diss track that has to be rated as one of the most devastating in recent times.

The track itself is expository, to say the least. Remy Ma goes after Minaj's exes, perceived exes, family and aptitude. I won't dissect the whole track here, but a few notable lines:

"You claimed you never f***** Drake Now that's where you took me You f***** the whole Empire—who you tryin' to be, Cookie?"

"But before the butt job, you was a Spongebob"

It's also worth relistening to Remy's play on 'Nick' referring to other celebrities, and of course, the continuing demise of Meek Mill.

Here, we're reminded of the Lil Kim/Foxy Brown and Jay Z/Nas beefs - it's two artists going out guns blazing for the number one spot. Sure, Nicki has the numbers to back herself - but few hip hop heads are sleeping on Remy Ma's talent since her release from prison.

So where does the 'Queen of Rap' go from here? So far, a muted response portraying Remy's album sales has sufficed, but hip hop fans everywhere will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a new diss track. We could ask, does Nicki need to do it? Isn't she successful enough to get involved - essentially, should she follow the examples of Jay Z and Eminem? Pragmatically, that question may warrant a 'yes', but there's no better way to secure your position in the Hip Hop Elite by winning a high profile battle. Your move, Nicki.

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