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IAMDDB releases ‘Hoodrich Volume 3’ EP

The stylish Manchester maiden impresses with her latest project.

2nd Sep 2017

Image Credit: Yannick Chauvet

IAMDDB is an artist with star quality.

From her iconic sense of style to her effortlessly cool persona which is exemplified in her music, the Manchester native is making waves in the UK for her iconic sound.

Giving off 90s era vibes reminiscent of Aaliyah in her heyday, IAMDDB’s style is a breath of fresh air – classic R&B with a modern twist, fusing Trap and Hip Hop elements into what can be described as melodic rap.

Garnering a lot of attention in the Underground scene, she has now made a big splash onto the mainstream having performed at Reading and Leeds festival in Summer and releasing an impressive Colors Berlin performance which has been watched over half a million times.

Her latest project titled ‘Hoodrich Volume 3’ encompasses everything that makes IAMDDB such a unique artist. Pictured topless in gold paint on the album cover, the Manchester artist is clearly trying to make a big statement with this project. From fast flows on single track ‘Shade’ to bouncy numbers like ‘Conjouring’ this record has it all. The project is a great introduction into IAMDDB’s music and style, full of her iconic adlibs such as ‘IAMDDB keep it G’ and her tasteful Manchester accent, she’s an artist hard who is hard not to like because she is so unapologetically herself.

Don’t sleep on IAMDDB, listen to ‘HOODRICH Volume 3’ on Spotify below:

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