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Inside ASAP Rocky and AWGE's London Takeover

A$AP Rocky Brings the Classic New York bodega to Selfridges

14th Oct 2017



A$AP Rocky is the fashion killa that certainly keeps living up to his reputation. The protagonist of his support cast, the AWGE collective, have brought the New York Bodega experience to London. The AWGE Bodega pop up was held in Selfridges London between October 2nd – October 11th, selling exclusive and limited merch through a concept Londoners are not used to.

The highly anticipated GUESS London x A$AP Rocky line was unveiled, continuing his successful collaboration between GUESS and Rocky, but also collections from Cozy World, Midnight Rave, NIGHT:SHIFT x Marino Infantry, Lybb and Harun. Not to forget the pop up did not stop there, there were pillows, Krispy Kremes, AWGE member figurines and candy to emulsify yourself into the experience of the New York Bodega.

Going in deeper, the AWGE collective was unheard before this year. But infamously the birth of AWGE could be traced back to one strange night by A$AP Rocky. The night that resulted to Rocky losing 100k Instagram followers proved to be a winning move in the long run. AWGE present themselves in a mysterious manner but gradually give snippets about what they are about through their art. Being through a music video such as Playboy Carti’s Magnolia to previous GUESS x A$AP Rocky collaborations.

Selfridges Meets ASAP Rocky

AWGE’s conquests in 2017 are public to world to see, with the figurehead of the group, A$AP Rocky further engraining his mark onto global culture. Even though AWGE are mysterious, and background and direction of the group is kept secretive; Rocky’s AWGE x Selfridges Bodega Pop Up was a masterstroke to give his fans a step closer to know what AWGE are simply about. 

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