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Inside Nike's futuristic self-lacing shoes

Jaden Smith debuted the futuristic Nike Mags in his latest video 'Fallen'

10th Dec 2016

The future is now

Jaden Smith debuted a futuristic pair of Nikes in his latest video 'Fallen'. The video sees him stagger around an abandoned town wearing the new, self lacing Nike Mags. How do they work? Well in the sole of the shoe there's a sensor and in the back there are motors connected to the laces so that when sensors recognise the weight of the feet in the shoes, the laces automatically tighten.

It's been a dream of sneaker designers since Back To The Future in the 1989. The lights on the back of the shoe are battery indicators, and despite the number of useful technological innovations inside the shoe - it's still very light.

In late October, 89 pairs of the self-lacing shoes were given out via a raffle on The proceeds from the raffle went to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Though it's unlikely that most people will end up getting this particular model of the self-lacing shoes, the video release was very well timed. It comes at a time when Nike is drumming up interest and hype for it's next pair of self-lacing sneakers, the Nike HyperAdapt.

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