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Introducing Chance The Rapper's younger brother, Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett looks to carve his own lane alongside his big brother.

2nd Nov 2016

Born in the music hotbed of Chicago, Taylor Bennett is one of many to attempt to do it big, yet he's not even the first to do it in his own family!

Chancellor Bennett, now known to us as the acid-rapping, '3'-hat wearing, Chance The Rapper. Born just three years later, a brother, Taylor Bennett. Their parents, Ken and Lisa have impressive political backgrounds including serving in the White House, which all played a part in helping Chance and Taylor build an interest in the arts early and put them through a good school.

Growing up, Taylor and Chance were active with campaigns such as 'SaveChicago', and and 'Kids Off The Block', both of which served to help their local communities. Later, Taylor Bennett would be associated with a 'Save Money' group, which has associated names such as Vic Mensa, Donnie Trumpet, and Joey Purp. The group has roots in members stealing from stores, hence the name 'Save Money', but would turn to be something much more beneficial.

Influences and emotion

With influences like Nas, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar, it's no wonder why Taylor has such a creative spirit. He had released three mixtapes within one years time between 2013 and '14, before actually opening for Nas! Come December 2015, and Taylor Bennett had released his first studio album, an ambitious project with big name features like his brother and Donnie Trumpet as well as local Chicago artists.

In August of 2016, building up to the release of another project, Taylor Bennett would find himself on the radio show of one of his idols, Sway Calloway. On 'Sway in the Morning', Taylor was eager to get to his freestyle. He immediately distinguished between written and freestyle performances, then explained that he had both, something very admirable in today's hip-hop. Taylor would go on to shatter his freestyle, being the first artist ever on the show to freestyle over 10 different beats consecutively, quite the feat.

Following the freestyle, there was an emotional moment on the subject of fatherhood. Taylor explained his problem with fathers who aren't there for their kid, something that touches close to him. With a struggling rapper friend who is serving in jail despite having a child, Taylor looks to resolve situations like this with his own music label T.B.E., or Tay Bennett Entertainment.

A genuine artist with a guaranteed future

Taylor recently announced a new project, a short film, and he's about to go on tour with Tory Lanez! But, as Sway said, "From this point onward, you are my favorite artist." Keakie agrees with you Sway. Taylor Bennett shows a distinction from his brother Chance with his unique creative direction and clear aspirations. Taylor Bennett wants to be like Jay, like Ye, a mogul. On his current trajectory we can see it happening one day, but lets just see if his brother beats him to it.

Get ready for Taylor Bennett's upcoming project with his 2015 album, 'Broad Shoulders'.

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