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Introducing Nayaab Tania, the rising stylist working with Adidas and i-D

Fashion stylist Nayaab Tania tells us why we need to pay more attention to young creatives

12th Dec 2016

It is no question that Nayaab’s creativity is in high demand.

Even during her interview with Keakie, we had to pause to allow for an incoming call regarding a photoshoot taking place in Berlin. Working as a London-based stylist, Nayaab boasts an impressive roster. She has contributed to publications such as Highsnobiety, Wonderland, i-D, Hunger, Idol, Paper and Client as well as many others. She’s also made her mark styling exclusive features, lookbooks and campaigns for adidas, Fila, MISBHV, Oki-ni, ADYN, Axel Arigato… the list goes on.

The busy stylist made time to sit down with Keakie, and we managed to discuss her journey into the fashion industry, the relationship between stylists and music artists & predictions for 2017.

Here's a fitting song to accompany the interview:

So, things must be pretty crazy right, with all the exciting things happening in the fashion world at the moment - what's your day to day like as a stylist?

We're currently shooting the next issue of Highsnobiety, and also a few editorials for other publications so just shooting back to back so as you can imagine it’s really hectic.

With the fashion world, is that something that you’ve been doing since forever? Is it something that you’ve always been interested in?

Fashion's always come naturally to me as my mum's a tailor. I have a fashion design background. I studied womenswear at LCF and realised it wasn't what I wanted to go into. I always knew I wanted to be a stylist but I guess I didn't know where to start. I started out testing and luckily met a photographer called Thai Hibbert. We clicked straight away, we have the same vision and direction so we work really well together.

That is fantastic – very very cool. So with regards to what inspires you, what sort of things are you seeing around you that’s helping you produce these amazing editorials? Are you inspired by music? Are you inspired by what you see when you go out and leave the house? What gets your mind ticking?

Depending on whether we're shooting an editorial or directing a lookbook for a brand, Thai and I always sit down and build a concept to allow the shoot to tell a story. We get inspired by different things such as art, and other stylists/photographers work.

With Keakie, we’re really interested in artistry from all aspects and bringing together things – so with fashion and seeing how it links to music. Would you say that there’s anyone right now whether they’re a singer or entertainer, where you’re just really into their fashion and you think ‘I wish I could style them.’

I mean it would be a dream to style A$AP Rocky, not that he needs styling at all but I would love to if I got the chance.

Cool so you’re very happy then with womenswear and menswear then – you like to switch it up.

Definitely, I started out doing womenswear, but I prefer doing menswear now.

So you said A$AP Rocky – he’s obviously a HipHop artist or in that realm – are there any other artists in the HipHop fashion world that you think are inspiring? Also, with the dynamic – do you think it’s the stylist’s job to make the artist the fashion icon or do you think it’s a collaborative process?

I definitely think it's a collaborative process. You need to know your client and not completely take their identity away from them! I'd say someone that's making a change in the fashion industry is Skepta. He recently collaborated with Levi's and because he has such a big fan base, he's had such an influence on young adults. He's made tracksuits and Nike's look cool!

Speaking of things to watch, we’re in the run up to the end of the year right now, 2017 isn’t far away – have you got any fashion predictions or things that we should be trying to channel in the next year?

I'd say keep a lookout for young creatives, I don't think they are given enough credit purely based on age. There are so many young adults that have fresh ideas and concepts!

That’s really interesting – you said that young creatives aren’t taken seriously enough, why do you think that is?

As you can imagine people are shocked when I tell them I'm only 20 years old. I've been very fortunate to have worked with established brands and amazing publications. I've been on set before, and someone asked me how old I was. When I told her she said she felt awkward because she was 10 years older than me and I'm her sisters' age. Like why does that even matter?

Definitely. You’ll definitely be inspiring a lot of our listeners/readers with your words so thank you so much for your time. How can we keep up with any work you’re doing at the moment?

Thank you for having me! My instagram is @nayaabtania and my site is

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