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Introducing Octavian, The London Artist With A Global Sound

The London artist's unique style sets him apart from the pack as he's set to take the world by storm

21st Feb 2018 / 22 shares

‘You’re going to blow its just timing’ says Octavian in his slightly off the wall track Party Here and I couldn’t agree more. 

That line is almost prophetic as it is, to me at least, unimaginable that the French-born, London raised artist won’t blow up in the not so distant future if he manages to stay constant and raise his own bar in the manor he has been doing. 

His musical style is unique; blending raspy UK rap with Young Thug-esque, off kilter singing that culminates into an instantly ear grabbing sound with high replay value.

Octavian’s life up until this point has been one that includes losing his father at a young age, moving to and from France during his reluctantly attended education and being homeless. 

However, now he’s one of the most exciting talents in a flourishing UK music scene, a graduate of the notorious BRIT school and signed to a Sony’s subsidiary label ‘Black Butter.’ Octavian has spoken about how his positivity help him get to this point:

You couldn’t be negative. If you were negative where I was growing up, you would just die. I’d still be out in the cold now, negative. That mindset would get me nowhere."

It’s an inspiring journey that is far from completion. For now, Octavian’s focus appears to be on preforming – recently headlining his own sold out show in London and getting his much anticipated upcoming project ready for later in the year.

Lots of artists can sing or rap well, some can even do both. Rarely though does one do so in such a way that it becomes difficult to really explain why it’s great. What is perhaps most impressive however, is the fact that the 22 year old has the ability to produce songs. This sounds simple but it’s not. Being able to spit bars or sing beautifully is one thing, but creating a complete song that stands out from the mind-boggling vastness of the cyber music scene is a skill in itself – one that Octavian possesses.

Octavian will be performing in London on Friday 23rd February at The Curtain for Green Light Special. It’s a free event but guest list only so be sure to RSVP to to catch Octavian before he’s selling out arenas. 

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