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Introducing Sosodality, the music hub straight outta Holland

We spoke to Sosodality's Chavez Van Den Born about the Dutch underground, So So Def and events

21st Dec 2017 / 44 shares

Chavez Van Den Born, Sosodality

Sosodality is a creative platform and music label founded by Matjang and Fescz.

Inspired by an eclectic, upbeat, soul influenced sound, they create weekly shows and support a network of DJs in the underground electronic and hip-hop scene. We spoke to Sosodality’s hitman, Chavez Vdborn, otherwise known as Fescz, to discuss their influences, their goals and their thoughts on music and culture. Here’s our discussion:

Listen to Sosodality Vibecast 22, featuring J Digs:

 Keakie: Why did you choose to create Sosodality?

CB: We had a common interest in an alternative genre of music. The market in the Netherlands was over saturated with Caribbean influences in music. At first, we tried to blend in with our own kind of style. But that was tough. So we thought, “maybe we should be a collective of the music we love” and the music we want to give to people because in the Netherlands there’s often not the most substance in the lyrics.

Keakie:Why do you think that is?

CB: Just the nature of pop music. A lot of the time, the focus is on the flow. For example, Migos. They have a great flow and a lot of that is focused on here. We were irritated by that pop music and easy flow, and we wanted more beats that were soulful, thought through, crafted and created with some more of a concept. We thought that would be great. Soulection, Darker Than Wax, were already down with that concept of music. So we wanted to do that in the Netherlands. And then we thought, yeah, maybe we should make a radio show. And we’ll do music that we know people want to hear. But first and foremost, it’s music that we love that comes from deep within us.

Keakie: What music to do you love?

I listen to rock music, soul music, RnB. Some of the classics like Joe, Keith Sweat. Also, we were greatly influenced by Luther Vandross. My father loves Luther Vandross and always listens to him in the car. Also, some rock influences like Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Eagles, and of course Hip Hop.

Keakie: How did you come up with your name?

 CB: We grew up listening to So So Def Recordings, which was a record label based in Atlanta. It was owned by produced Jermaine Dupri and brought out the likes of Bow Wow, TLC and Usher back in the day. Also, we wanted to bring a message of solidarity and friendship into our platform. So we called it SoSoDality as a play on those words and concepts.

Keakie: What’s your creative process leading up to a show?

 CB: Mostly, all of us have certain people in mind that we want in the show. One of our shows started with a remix of ASAP Rocky’s Wavybone. MDOS, our host and the voice of our Vibecasts, was like “I really want that track”. Matjang and I are always searching for tracks on Soundcloud. We spend hours getting into the Soundcloud sauce, getting deeper and finding new tracks. It’s all about finding the gem. I get joy out of that, finding a great track by an unknown artist.

Keakie: What kind of feelings do you want fans listening to the show to experience?

 CB: We want them to have the same experience that we have when we find stuff. The joy. The excitement. If it makes you bop in the car, then it works. That’s the kind of vibe that we’re trying to create.

Keakie: What’s the next step for Sosodaility?

 CB: We had a party in Amsterdam in one of the largest clubs. That turned out pretty well. So now we are trying now to figure out what’s next. At the moment, we’re thinking about how to best produce more shows, more parties, more events, and maybe even a festival.