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Is Drake set to star in the new Top Boy?

With Season 3 round the corner, rumours surfaced about Drake's involvement with the iconic show.

3rd Apr 2017

Image Credit: TheYoungEmpire

Top Boy is a TV crime drama series that is broadcast on Channel 4. Set on the fictional Summerhouse housing estate in Hackney, East London, the series follows the lives of a group of people caught up in drug dealing and street gangs. The first series aired from October 31st to November 3rd 2011. The second series began airing on August 20th 2013. The third and upcoming series was announced in April 2016 and is expected to air on Netflix in 2018.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, Top Boy star Asher D confirmed that he had met with Drake while the rapper was in London recently to talk about the future of the show. There was initially rumours that Drake wanted to move the show to be set in Chicago, but it would appear that this is no longer the case.

Asher D confirmed that Drake would both produce the show and also take a starring role. He said: “We met up to start talking about the show and we are working out a role for him. He loves acting, of course he wanted a part. He's going to be really hands on and is getting stuck into it.”

Drake is no stranger to TV. Before he launched his career as a rapper, he starred in the popular series Degrassi: The Next Generation between 2001-2007. He quit the show to focus more on his music at the time, but it would appear that acting has maintained a special place in the artists’ heart.

In recent interviews Drake has spoken about his desire to start acting again. He has said that he’d love to do a film and looks back at his years on Degrassi fondly. He said: “That was the life that I lived before and it would be interesting to live it again.”

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