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Introducing XXXTentacion

Meet XXXTENTACION - one of the most talented yet dangerous rappers in the game right now.

21st Jan 2017

Image Credit: Rap Basement

He is one of the most talented yet dangerous rappers in the game right now having amassed over 234,000 followers on Soundcloud. XXXTENTACION has become somewhat of a cult hero in the Underground world for his fast flows and nonchalant attitude to life.

Controversial rising rapper XXXTENTACION will have his prison release date pushed back ‘for no real reason’ according to manager Adam22. Unfortunately, it looks like the Florida rapper will be spending even more time locked up despite widespread reports and expectations he would being released around this time.

XXXTENTACION tweeted: "I will not be coming home for a while, it seems that it doesn't matter whether the state has evidence against me. I'm sorry."

For those who don’t know of the troubled rapper, he has had a lengthy history with the criminal justice system. He has been in and out of jail on charges such as robbery, assault and battery on a pregnant woman. XXXTENTACION is often candid about his propensity to engage in fights and often justifies his actions as being necessary to protect his integrity and his name. The Rapper has however garnered masses of underground attention and appears to be very much on an upward projection with his music. He writes intricate and carefully crafted flows rhymes over diverse production spanning soft and delicate production to, gripping bass-intense Trap beats.

At just eighteen years old, the Broward County Rapper also recently caused a stir online tweeting a note (supposedly from jail) which read like a suicide letter. He wrote “I'm thankful for everything you all have given me and made me. I'll see you in the next life if there is one”. His manager was quick to demystify the comments XXXTENTACION made tweeting that that message didn’t seem to measure up the conversations he had been having with the rapper the very same day. “I talked to x he's fine.” Hopefully, the rapper remaining locked up for more time to come will not fuel any negative thoughts or actions given that when he does eventually get released from jail his cult fan base will almost certainly rejoice enormously at the return of their dear leader XXXTENTACION.

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