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Jack Harlow Goes Viral For The Right Reasons

In an age where most viral artists blow up due to controversy, Jack Harlow has dropped a banger

21st Nov 2017


Very rarely does a viral rap song from a relatively unknown artist organically blow up without controversy nowadays, yet Jack Harlow's 'Dark Knight' seems to have done just that.

Jack Harlow has been rapping since the age of 12 and is not by any means new to having large amounts of listeners on his previous projects, but Dark Knight is on the cusp of propelling him into a new realm of artistry.

In an interview 2 years back with, Harlow spoke on his pursuit of Hip-Hop stardom stating 'my music was always who I was, in sixth grade it was on windows recorder and then it went to a guitar hero microphone. Then I got a real microphone and made it into a studio, and it's just progressed from there.'

Jack also seems to understand what it means to be a white artist in Hip-Hop:

I never wanted to appropriate the culture, but it is something I wanted to be apart of early on. It's Black culture, but you can't act like white people aren't constantly influenced by it.

The Louisville native has managed to drop Dark Knight, announce a U.S tour and release an EP all within a month. You can listen to his EP 'Gazebo' here

Despite it's relatively low YouTube views, the song was all over twitter in the last week, getting tens of thousands of retweets and favourites from various accounts and with little surprise due to the unsuspecting appearance of Jack, juxtaposed with the hard hitting style of the song.

We hope that Harlow sees continued success , Dark Knight is too hard to be ignored.