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Jaden Smith blows his own mind with crazy internet facts

The actor took to Vanity Fair to deliver some of the world’s trippiest facts directly to the camera.

5th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Soompi

Jaden Smith is an interesting character. In a recent video for Vanity Fair, he delivered some of the world’s most mind-bending facts directly to the camera. It’s playful, funny and very dramatic.

Smith shared some interesting facts, one of which was that there are roughly 1.6 million ants per human being on earth. What got us cracking up were his spaced out reactions to the facts, at one point stating “my whole life is a lie”.

The video comes as Jaden is preparing to star in a new film along side Cara Delevingne. According to Deadline, the 18 year old actor and the 24 year old actress are set to have the lead roles in an upcoming romantic drama called Life In A Year.

The movie “follows a 17-year-old boy who, after learning his girlfriend is dying, sets out to give her their entire life together, in the year she has left.” Production of the movie will begin in Toronto, Canada this year. It will be directed by European director Mitja Okorn, and the script was written by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews.

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