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Jhene Aiko Shows Her Crazy Side In 'Maniac'

Jhene Aiko makes being in an Asylum look so sexually captivating

8th Jan 2017

Image Credit: Getty Images

“Hop on a dick like a maniac / Head like a brainiac / Got to read the signs like a zodiac / I’m a low-key freak, you don’t know me, yet.”

Jhené Aiko shows her “Maniac” side on her new single, which was ironically released at a time when she had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder,"so my interest in the research was genuine,” she explained. "Maniac" is more than just a single hit, but an innovative project that takes us into the world of Jhené Aiko's sexually bewildered mind through the distorted visuals and her dark perplexing Tumblr page named JheneIsAManiac.

In an interview with Billboard Jhené Aiko gives an insight into why she chose to reflect this side of her personality, ' I think I definitely have manic tendencies, especially when I’m alone in my head, there’s a lot of stuff that goes on. There’s those moments where I’m in the mood and I’m just like, ah, I feel like I have to express myself to the fullest level of expressing myself where I’m just like... hop on a dick like a maniac. [Laughs]'

The fact that she can turn her mental disorder into a sexually empowering video just shows Jhene's commitment to artistry and unlike many artists today she never fails to impress her fans with something captivating yet exciting at the same time and It seems like the world can't get enough of it.

Watch the visuals below and we're sure you'll love it too:

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