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Joey Bada$$ releases ‘Land of the Free’ video

Two years after his debut 'B4.DA.$$.' his latest release has us excited for his album.

11th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Joey Bada$$

It's not easy to put together a video that is as powerful and deep as the lyrical component of Joey Bada$$'s 'Land of The Free', but with last week's release he's managed to pull it off.

Music videos are always visually appealing but there's something about Joey Bada$$ that brings a new sort of unexplainable aura when watching the visuals. The track is based on the mass incarceration of African Americans and highlights this by switching between the past, present and future and a cry out for change.

"Sorry America, but I will not be your soldier Obama just wasn’t enough, I just need some more closure | And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over | Let’s face facts ’cause we know what’s the real motives and the land of the free is full of free loaders | Leave us dead in the street to be your organ donors | They disorganized my people, made us all loners | Still got the last names of our slave owners"

Police authorities are seen confronting black men and women and shooting them one by one, whilst quickly shifting to Joey trying teach the innocent youth about the fears of life and how your life can change in an instance. Towards the end of the video it takes a very sinister turn as the KKK are seen lynching a ‘figure’ and the members of the KKK reveal themselves as the police officers shown earlier on in the video as they watch crosses burn.… deep we know!

Politically-charged videos have never been so influential whilst reaching the minds of millions around the world through the beautiful sound of music and Joey Bada$$ startling lyricism. ‘Land of the Free’ is from the highly anticipated album ‘AABA’ All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ Album’ and is said to be released on April 7 and is made up of 12 tracks and we can't wait to see what else he has in store.

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