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Jorja Smith’s debut ‘Project 11’ EP is simply beautiful

At only 19, Jorja Smith’s body of work is being extremely well established.

19th Nov 2016

Having released her first couple of singles as well as a short-film, Jorja Smith has earned herself a Drake co sign as well as a spot on NAO’s latest tour. Now, she releases her debut EP, 'Project 11'.

Starting the project with ‘Something in the Way’, angelic voices precede Jorjas’ weary and beautiful lyrics, singing emotionally over a heavy, slow groove. With the refrain “‘Cause only sun in the summer lasts, No holdin’ on and no lookin’ back”, Jorja emphasizes the emotion of the song before a funky guitar closes out the track.

The next song, ‘So Lonely’ is arguably even more sad and emotional than the first. Led by slow and calm piano playing, Jorja’s voice is big, yet soft, and still very soulful the entire time.

The interlude to ‘Carry Me Home’ is a more so a spoken poem, as Thea Gorjac speaks gently about Jorja’s desires and curiosities along a dreary instrumental. The next song and the actual ‘Carry Me Home’ is another beautifully emotional track. When Maverick Sabre breaks onto the song he adds a contrast that is not heard anywhere else on the EP and sounds incredible, but then Jorja rejoins with Maverick, making for a very special moment.

The last track, ‘Imperfect Circle’ picks up the pace quite a bit and even provides quite the “sunny” vibe. Here Jorja sings a fantastic hook and would go on to have quite the flow in this song which features some groovy production. Though the song has a breakdown ending that would lead to one of the more drawn out and weaker moments on the project, it was seemingly the lone flaw, and it also made sense considering the title of the song.

'Project 11', a project to remember.

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s no doubt we have been blessed with some fantastic music this year. And with the beautiful singing and lyricism on this EP, backed by simple yet effective instrumentation, Jorja Smith and ‘Project 11’ is one to remember.

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