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Kanye pays Donald Trump a visit

Amidst all the speculation surrounding his health and marital status, Kanye dropped by Trump Tower today

13th Dec 2016

Image Credit: Justin MConney

Is this the beginning of Kanye's presidential campaign?

Amidst all the speculation surrounding his health and his relationship his wife Kim Kardashian, a blonde Kanye West arrived at Trump Tower, New York today for an appointment with president-elect Donald Trump. The artist arrived with an entourage accompanying him for the meeting. He was later seen leaving Trump Tower having shaken hands with the president elect and posing for photos. When quizzed about the appearance, Trump said "We've been friends for a long time", while Kanye seemed to be eager to get the photos taken as quickly as possible.

Inevitably, the meeting between the current and former TIME Person of the Year will set off the rumour mill as to what exactly the two would have discussed. Was it just a catch up between old friends, a strategic move from Trump or a hype generator for Kanye - we'll have to wait and see.

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