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Kanye Rants at the World on St Pablo Tour

We went in deep on Kanye's latest exposure of the entertainment industry.

21st Nov 2016

It’s Kanye vs the world. At his recent shows, Kanye went on a few rants that would express his emotions on the current state of the industry, targeting Radio, MTV, Beyonce and much more.

Is this a moment in the matrix? Well according to Kanye, yes, and the “vibes are back”. In a recent string of shows, Kanye had reopened his book of rants, offering not only some sharp thoughts and ideas, but also some hypocritical and possibly harmful remarks. Before one tries to argue that Kanye couldn’t possibly influence people on real life issues, he himself started a rant in San Jose by saying “They think I’m less than a thinker, less than a philosopher… Rappers are the philosophers… Celebrities are the influencers.” So as he himself recognizes the people of his acclaim and popularity to be influencers, so he must know his words would have an effect, but would that effect be positive or negative?

As of right now, the show in L.A. immediately following the rant has been cancelled, a show that was already set to be the makeup show for a show he had previously bailed on. An interesting turn of events to say the least. As foreseeable as it may have been, it’s never easy to approve of an artist bailing on a show that fans have come to support, especially at this scale. Following this date, he has Fresno and then Anaheim on back to back days, before hitting 17 more cities between then and December 31st, so it will be very interesting watch how this story continues to develop.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Kanye 2020

One theme that played a role in both of the rants, was how we take in the media on the internet, and how some of us are often being fooled. On the topic of the election, Ye asked “Do you ever want to be blindsided like that again?” And to a resounding “No!” from the crowd, he replied “Then stop believing everything! Ask more questions!” surveying his audience members he would ask repeatedly ”What do you believe?” Before continuing to legitimize his status and desire to run for the 2020 presidential election.

On the topic of Hillary, he said that he wouldn’t “facade (us) with a fake truth like Hillary was gonna win. Then you wake up and you still couldn’t believe it… Your ass gonna get Hillary Clinton’d!” Now remember, Hillary may be an enemy of Ye due to Jay Z and Beyonce performing at a rally for her. It’s not definitive but it’s something to consider as Ye would continue with “Feelings matter bruh. It’s a new world Hillary Clinton! It’s a new world! Feelings matter!” It’s interesting and also unknown as to why Ye put this emphasis on feelings mattering. Continuing, “It’s a new world Barack!” and then “I’m not trying to be the man, I just am a man… we are all equal. These is the vibes, this is the future, this is the way of thinking to make America great again” The recently inflammatory motto “Make America great again” was of course followed by boos, and then, Ye, laughing “Oh ya’ll didn’t like that…Guess what? Ya’ll need the vibes.” This was one of the biggest flashes of anger Ye’ showed to the crowd before later abandoning them.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Almost within the same breath, Kanye West would turn his sights to Jay-Z. “It’s a new world Jay-Z!” He pointed out that Jay-Z still has not called him, yet, we believe it’s something deeper than what can be solved with a phone call, seeing that Kanye could probably call Jay-Z just as easily himself. Wondering if it’s as deep as life or death, West explained “I am puttin my career, my life, my public well-standing at risk, when I talk to yall like this.” then he told Jay-Z not to send shooters at his head. Though this sounds bold, about 10 minutes earlier he would say “Khaled, I know you got killers in Miami, but please don’t send them at my head.” Not only did this make much less sense in the context of the situation, but it exposes the pre-meditated use of the phrasing. More on Khaled in a moment.

Next, Kanye would set a rather large focus on Beyonce and the politics of the music industry. Clarifying that he wants nobody to go after Beyonce. He would continue to explain how Beyonce refused to perform for MTV if the music video for her ‘Formation’ didn’t win over two other big contenders, Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ and Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. “Sometimes we be playin’ the politics too much just to win. Fuckin winning, fuck being cool.”, he would go on. Though this opposition to winning and being cool may fly in the face of what people thinks Ye’ stands for, it is also quite hypocritical for him since he just pointed out how upset he was that ‘Fade’ didn't win an award.

Snoop Dogg

Some people will try to blame drugs for the way Kanye is behaving. Even Snoop Dogg, an established legend and mogul in the industry had uploaded his reaction, reacting “Weed don’t make you do that. What the fuck is he on?” Well, like Snoop’s reaction as well as many publications and ordinary fans alike, people are quick to show a clip of Kanye when he’s at the height of his emotion and relate it to drugs. Though we have no proof to say either way, we just think it’s unfair to take someone’s true thoughts and emotions and pass it off with the cop-out of drugs. Kanye and Snoop collaborated on 2011 song ‘Eyez Closed’, but since then Snoop Dogg has probably had little reason to be on team Kanye.

Kid Cudi, Mark Zuckerberg, and Shia LaBeouf

We can’t pretend drugs and mental problems don’t play a part in the industry though. It was in early October when Kid Cudi had checked into rehab for suicidal thoughts. This emotional thread of the story would continue and seemingly resolve itself on stage at the Sacramento show, as Cudi would be the first person to be alongside Ye’ on his floating stage, where they would embrace each other with a hug, before performing ‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1’. On the topic of Mark Zuckerberg never coming to fruition with Ye on his plan to grow DONDA, saying “You said you would help, and you didn’t! Then you went to look for aliens. Me and cudi are aliens right here bro! the vibes is back.” What he meant exactly by this is yet to be determined, but it was sort of a rallying moment for the fans before he ended the segment with a sly “Shia Labeouf. Kid Cudi feels a way. Give him a call.” Which is yet another fascinating arc of the story.

Khaled and Drake

To bring it back to Khaled, Kanye actually said “I love you Khaled… I just want to have a discussion about radio.” but not before saying “Fuck you radio!”, several times. He would explain that people play politics just for record spins, and that the radio is behind the times for playing the same the same unproductive music over and over. Ye would make his plea that artists like Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi need more radio play, and we couldn’t agree with that more here at Keakie. With a “Fuck you MTV!” He would guarantee that there would be conversations about all of this after midnight, which really, just goes without saying, and you’re currently reading the proof that he’s correct.

The future

While we hope you aren’t too confused, it’s completely okay to be. The situation has hardly played itself out completely and we’d be lying if we said we have a fantastic grip of what’s going on behind the scenes. Kanye said, “I’m on my Trump shit tonight… I’ma just be Ye’ and win.” It’s up to you to take his word for it. Ye would also quickly shout out ASAP Mob, and declare them the future of music, a very exciting endorsement indeed.. Nearing the end of the rant, Ye would say “Let ye be ye. Oh wait a second… Do ya’ll agree with that? Let ye be ye?” To responses of boos, at his own show, he said “Get ready to have a field day press, cause shows over” then ran off the stage.

UPDATE: Apparently, the rest of The Saint Pablo Tour has been canceled. More on this development in the coming days.

We did have a field day with this Kanye. Thank you.

Witness the full rant here:

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