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Kaytranada releases three instrumental tracks

The Canadian producer demonstrates his musical prowess on three stand alone tracks.

6th Sep 2017


One of Canada’s finest producers, Kaytranada, has returned with a triple dose of kick back tracks as we ease from summer into the autumn. The producer uploaded the tracks to his SoundCloud, and tweeted that the collection of tracks are not attached to any upcoming projects.

The artist has been extremely busy in recent months. In addition to lending his production chops to a variety of artists, he also dropped a remix of Gorillaz’ ‘Strobelite’, and collaborated with up and coming emcee Buddy on an EP called ‘Ocean & Montana’.

As the producer’s profile continues to grow following the release of his accomplished debut album, 99.9%, the perennial question of what the artist will do next is on everyone’s mind. With these three instrumental tracks, Kaytranada gives us a taste of his musical talent and keeps us on the alert for his next major project.

Have a listen to Kaytranada’s instrumental tracks here: