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Kendrick Lamar drops iconic visuals for ‘ELEMENT’

Kung Fu Kenny provides fans with a masterpiece.

29th Jun 2017

‘DAMN.’ proved Kendrick still had it. After the success of 2015’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly,’ the Compton rapper topped the masterpiece with a 2017 album which had impressive first week numbers, selling 600,000 copies first week and soon after going platinum. It toppled Drake’s ‘More Life’ and proved that lyrical rap and storytelling still has a place in modern Hip Hop.

Following on from the powerful visuals in his other music videos such as ‘Alright,’ ‘DNA’ and ‘Humble,’ the BET Best Hip Hop artist of the year has added another mind blowing music video to his collection in ‘ELEMENT.’

The powerful imagery of the video is captivating. It pays tribute to legendary photojournalist, writer, musician and director Gordon Parks. Parks was a pioneering filmmaker and photographer whose work focused on the lives of Black Americans. He is best known for his photo essays, primarily for LIFE magazine from the 1940s to the 1970s, as well as the creator of the "blaxploitation" film genre and director of 1971's Shaft. This move is typical of Kendrick, often using his artistry to empower the African American community and educate his audience on the rich cultural history of his community.

Carefully crafted, the shots are memorable. Never one not to include a message in the music, fans have different interpretations of the video but it is certainly a fitting tribute to Parks. Racking up over 7 million views already, King Kendrick cannot stop winning.

Watch the powerful video below:

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