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Khalid takes you on a ride through LA in new ‘Shot Down’ video

The 20 year old singer has been making waves in the music world and has been co-signed by Kylie Jenner.

11th Feb 2017

Khalid is an artist you are going to be hearing about a lot in 2017.

Humble but hungry, Khalid was born to sing. The son of a military mother who also had singing aspirations, Khalid talks about how he was initially nervous to sing and how he had a nomadic childhood until he finally settled in El Paso, Texas – a place he calls home.

His song ‘Location’ was featured on our radio show The Keakie Breakdown’ almost seven months ago but only now is the singer getting the worldwide recognition he deserves for his soulful voice and profound lyrics.

In his latest video ‘Shot Down’ Khalid rides the bus in Los Angeles, reflecting on a break up while teenagers skate beside him laughing and having fun showing a deep emotional contrast.

Recently signed to RCA/Sony records, other songs released by Khalid include 'Saved,' 'Coaster,' and 'Reasons.' We wait in eager anticipation for Khalid’s debut album ‘American Teen’ which has a release date of March 3rd.

Take a ride through LA with Khalid below:

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