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Kojey Radical Creates Art At Its Finest With ‘Look Like’

The creative performed a new piece of art for his Berlin COLORS show

18th Jan 2017

Kojey Radical is a London based musician, visual artist and spoken work poet with a unique aesthetic and powerful lyrics. His new song “Look Like”, performed as an exclusive on the COLORS Berlin Platform, has caught the heart of creatives around the world.

“I just made one of the best songs I’ve ever made and all I wanna do is put it out now so I can watch beautiful women dance to it.”, tweeted Radical just hours after releasing the track. Listen to it here:

Radical started writing poetry five years ago, and began turning his poetry into music a year later. Lyrics are very important to the artist, who professes that he “doesn’t rap, [he] writes poems. The music comes later”.

His creativity extends to PUSHCRAYONS, an arts collective and creative media agency that he started alongside Craig Most Popular Human. Radical says that it “houses many different spectrums of talent. It’s less about who, and more about what we’re creating.

The artist is 24 years old, and was born and raised in Hoxton, London - which is an area that is famed for its artsy scene. He claims that the environment inspired his aspiration for art and music. At the age of 9, he decided to see every form of expression - as art, a language that would enable him to communicate more.

Reflecting on his creativity, he said “As a kid I never saw myself doing anything normal, I knew I would never be comfortable with just one position where I’m under somebody and my ideas aren’t worth anything. I was always fascinated with artists such as Kaws and Basquiat and from there I made a choice of, what do I want to be known as. I literally just say that I’m an artist because with art there are no parameters. If I have a story to tell and it can’t be done through an image, I might need to speak on it and that might become a poem. If I need people to connect with it, I might write a poem or if I need people to see it, I might direct a film. Or I imagine the characters in the space to dress a certain way so now I have to go and design a collection.”

We can see his creative talent in this video, and look forward to more from Radical.

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