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Kyle Bent Takes Us On A Journey In His New Single 'Conundrum'

Conundrum expresses Kyle's trials and tribulations in a manner that can't be describe.

1st Feb 2017

Image Credit: Kyle Bent

"The 19-year-old burgeoning wordsmith proves he’s a little ahead of his peers with insightful lyrics and hard-hitting messages revolving around perseverance.” - HipHopDX

Since Kyle Bent began creating music, his unique tone and enriching message has helped his music reflect and highlight a unique sound and an aptitude that surpasses most commercial artists that we hear today. Inspired by the idea of bringing people closer together through the sound of music, Kyle shows his listeners that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. He does this not only through displaying his artistic talent , but also by being an advocate for self-determination. In his own words he said “Each person is unique, and has one shot to make their dreams a reality, so make the most of your chance.”

'Conundrum' gives you a sense of Kyle's urge to chase his dreams laced over a multi-infused beat that can't be classified as Hip Hop, Electronic, Soul, or any other genre. It can only be identified as a beat that is exclusively known as a Kyle Brent distinctive production. Transcending all of the boundaries and stigmas that surround rap music, his lyrics create a truly motivating story that makes you feel like the world is a better place:

"Life is nothing more than conundrum. But you are both the answer and the question. We could see the light before the suns up, So let's treat every second like the last one."

Seizing the moment and taking every advantage he can to make 2017 his year, Kyle Bent has been attracting the attention of Hip-Hop artists and producers around the globe and we can say that this is only the beginning. Once you hear this track you won't be able to forget it.

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