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Lil Wayne forced to remove verse from collaboration with Dame D.O.L.L.A.

NBA all star Dame Lillard released his 1st album and again Birdman has his say in Lil Wayne's part.

27th Oct 2016

Damian Lillard in the studio collaborating with producer Raphael Saadiq.

Lil Wayne's legal disputes continue as this time he is forced to remove his entire verse from the song 'Loyal to the Soil'.

Fans of Portland Trail-Blazer Damian Lillard were already well aware of his musical ambitions. Having uploaded various tracks such as 'Isley' or 'Full Stomach' on Soundcloud, Dame has gotten his foot in the door for a second career. Come late October just before the 2016 NBA season kicks off, and Lillard releases his first full length album, 'The Letter O'.

Taking a glance at the album's tracklist you may see some big names such as Jamie Foxx, Dupre, and you guessed it, Lil Wayne. Though the features add depth to this already meaningful album, the specifics of the project are something we will discuss here at Keakie soon. For now, we are going to take a closer look at how losing one of Dame's biggest assets affects everyone involved.

Cash Money wins again, for now

A few days following the release of 'The Letter O', Dame Lillard took to Twitter to simply state that "...I am being forced to remove Lil Wayne from (the) track... Despite my agreement with Wayne, his parent label is forcing me to remove him." Though Damian never directly mentions Birdman, "his parent label" would suggest Birdman as he is the co-founder and face of of Wayne's parent label, Cash Money Records.

Though Lil Wayne is someone Birdman used to call "son", this situation is just one of the struggles Lil Wayne has been put through in his war with Birdman and the Cash Money label. In March, Wayne sued Cash Money for 40 million, possibly his biggest attempt to get back what's his. As for Damian Lillard, he just scored 39 to beat the Utah Jazz in the season opener, so we don't think he's too upset.

UPDATE: Damian has since tweeted ...Resolved the issues with the parent label for Lil Wayne. "Loyal to the Soil" will remain on #TheLetterO... Thanks to Birdman, Slim and Mack Maine for their help making this happen." So that's it. Dame seems to clear up the confusion as bluntly as it was created. We're happy to see that things worked out, in the name of music.

Listen to Dame D.O.L.L.A's 'The Letter O' still with the Lil Wayne collab!

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