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Lil Wayne returns with double single release

Weezy is back with a couple of early Christmas presents over some of the year’s finest beats.

23rd Dec 2017

Paper Magazine

With anticipation tentatively building for his upcoming mixtape Dedication 6, Lil Wayne has released two incendiary new tracks as a taste of what is to come.

The mixtape, due to be released on Christmas Day, is the 6th in the Dedication series, which has notably varied in both critical and commercial success. While his most recent forays back into the series have met a mixed response, it remains to be seen if the Louisiana rapper will reclaim the heights of Dedication 2 this holiday season.

The star announced the two tracks on his Instagram late on the night of December 21st. ‘Bank Account’, a remix of the infamous 21 Savage song of the same name, features Wayne unravelling a string of his now trademark punchlines, punctuated by a smattering of braggadocious bars equally distinct to the Southern rhymesmith.

In a simple yet effective move, he twists 21 Savages chorus from “I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 M's in my bank account” to the line “I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 bank accounts, plus my main account”, integrating it into his lyrics and building upon it without succumbing to the monotonous repetition of the 21 Savage version. Impressively Wayne’s remix improves upon the original, offering fresh hope for the mixtape as a whole. Even more promisingly, Wayne’s usual grating use of autotune has been reigned in beyond the intro, allowing his natural tone to come forward.

The other track, ‘Blackin Out’, featuring Dominican rapper Euro, is backed by the instrumental to Jay-Z’s excellent ‘The Story of OJ’, produced by No ID. Euro’s verse introduces the track effectively, immediately drawing in the listener with his engaging voice before steering them into Weezy’s verse, which easily upholds the quality of the previous song. Wayne flows effortlessly over the track, calling back to Jay-Z’s original while maintain his own originality and unique tone, again unburdened by needless autotune. Lil Wayne has released two impressive, high-quality tracks here, and if he manages to uphold that quality across his next release we may be in store for a return to form from someone thought long, long past his prime.

Listen to 'Blackin Out' below:




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