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Listen to Sasha Brown’s HYLNU ‘Parallel’ Remix

If you liked the original, you’re going to love this remix.

30th Aug 2017

Following the release of her debut single, Sasha Brown has revealed a remix of her infectious track ‘Parallel.’

The twenty-one-year-old singer/songwriter/saxophonist and DJ is fresh from performing at Secret Garden Festival this summer and has had her debut track picked up by Kiss Radio and supported by Capital XTRAs music potential and is now on playlist in Topshop stores.

Produced by Jason Elliot and accomplished British producer Joe Kearns, who has worked with the biggest names in Pop including One Direction, Ellie Goulding and Florence And The Machine, the word parallel had been stuck in Sasha’s mind for a while.

The meaning of the track stems from a deep yet relatable story. Sasha told us: ‘It’s like when you’re moving in the same direction as someone and you’re moving at the same speed but for some reason it’s not coming together – from the outside it should all be right.’ Not only are the lyrics relatable but the production of the record is fantastic, giving off as Sasha put it in her own words an ‘Afro Beats turned Major Lazer sort of vibe yet still staying true to the Pop world that I’m from.

The HYLNU remix of the track is a higher tempo, percussive version which blends a few genres together and makes for a great listen.

Have a listen to the remix below:

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