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Listen to this stunning Beyonce and Aaliyah mashup

Amorphous creates a remix called “All In A Million Nights”

8th Jun 2017

19 year old Orlando producer Amorphous has uploaded a stunning mashup of Beyonce’s Lemonade smash “All Night” and Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”. The track features Aaliyah’s immoral voice crooning underneath Beyonce’s powerful, melismatic melodies. It’s a collaboration that has brought fans together too.

The mashup was put together by talented young producer, Amorphous. She fittingly captioned the collaboration with the tweet, “two friends who I really wish had the chance to work together.” The producer has a point. Last year Beyonce openly paid homage to Aaliyah, who tragically passed away at only 22 years old in a plane crash in 2001. Beyonce paid tribute to the artist by posting a video to her Instagram featuring the two of them together at the MTV Movie Awards in 2000. Beyonce asked Aaliyah who she was looking forward to seeing. Aaliyah replied “D’Angelo, cause you know he’s fine”. It’s very possible that had she still been alive, the two would have one day collaborated.

Amorphous has given us a little glimpse of what could have been, and it’s wonderful. The remix has been shared, tweeted and discussed relentlessly since it’s initial release.

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