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Loco x Eazzy: Meet The Afrobeats Duo Ready To Take 2017 by Storm

We sit down and speak with the two best friends who are producing Afrobeats with a twist.

21st Jan 2017

Afrobeats duo Loco X Eazzy have been showing promise over the years, demonstrating their creative and unique talent in the UK Afrobeats scene and with the recent release of their latest track 'Temi' their versatility is beautifully effortless. We sat down with the pair to talk about their inspirations and where it all began.

Keakie: Starting from the beginning how did you two meet up and decide that you were going to be known as Loco X Eazzy?

Well, we didn't really just 'meet up' we have known each other since childhood, and we've both loved music as it was both our passions so we grew together. We initially formed a friendship when we were in year 7 and after that friendship we formed a brotherhood. That brotherhood was strengthened through music as we used to meet up at Eazzy’s house to create music and formed a stronger bond. The names were generated from our pasts, I (Loco) was named Loco by the people around me who thought my personality was crazy, very silly and bubbly. I (Eazzy) was given the name also by friends around me who simply thought I was easy going and relaxed guy.


Keakie: Was it a difficult journey getting to where you are now in terms of music? Did both of you go through the same challenges or was it mostly together?

Eazzy: Yeah, 100% we went through it together, we've had people who have supported us under false pretenses such as managers and also a few barriers we have managed to overcome. As time went by we've learnt how to deal with situations a lot better and grow with our experiences.

Loco: I would say from day 1 we've definitely had issues; but as Eazzy said we're still alive and kicking. Nothing can stop us or hold us back because all were doing is moving forward and persevering.

Keakie: Your new tune 'Temi' is such a beautiful track, what inspired you to write this track?

It was just how we felt at the time, it was all based on feelings as you know the track does touch certain emotions. The instrumental especially touches certain emotions and we just explored it and added the lyrics with the vocals. It is one ourK slowest songs to date, so when we heard the beat we did have to adapt to it and tailor our sounds to it. So we would say the beat inspired us to do this tune.

Keakie: Have you thought about doing a remix for it and if so what artist would you love to feature on it?

We haven't really thought about doing a remix for it, it wasn't in the pipeline. However, if we were to do one we would love to get someone like Vianni as his voice would definitely suit that slow melody vibe.

Keakie (Leynna Honegan): Out of all the songs you have made, I have to say 'Wole' is my favourite track and I love Afrobeats but I'm Jamaican so I have no idea what it means, could you tell me please?


‘Wole’ means 'Enter' in yoruba. So basically what we're saying in the song is, baby just enter my life; enter the car enter the crib; come and join me and enjoy the finer things in life. So we're just telling the girl in a very direct way that we want her so she should just come over.

Keakie: What is your personal favourite and why?

Eazzy: Oooh my favourite song, I would say is ‘2U’. Not to say that we don't put 100% into our songs but it is the one song we really gave it our all. From the song to the video, I loved everything about it.

Loco: Honestly, I don't really know. Like Eazzy said we've put so much effort into all our projects. If I had to choose one, i would say ‘Jeka Jo’ because I felt like it was the start of us incorporating our new sounds, abilities and experiences. We learnt a lot from people such as Zion and Empire studios so we were able to incorporate that into the track also.

Keakie: Who are your musical inspirations?

Loco: I would say one of my biggest musical inspirations is Michael Jackson. Taking it out of the context of Afrobeats, he really influenced me from a young age. Just watching him perform; his music and talent; his energy. I would say it inspired me to be more than an artist but also a performer.

Eazzy: With me, within Afrobeats, definitely Wande Coal. Reason being is because of his voice. He's always been amazing on any track he jumps on. He is underestimated but i think he's an amazing artist. He knows how to use his voice to capture the vibe and turn a basic song into a 'banger,' he's definitely my inspiration.

Keakie: To anyone who doesn’t know who both of you are, how would you define your music?

We would say its Afro R&B, Afro Hop. It’s not straight Afrobeats, our music does have a bit of R&B and Hip-Hop flow. We tend to use the UK lingo with a mixture of our culture, so the African and English mixture.

Keakie: What can we expect from you guys in the future in terms of collaborations?

We do have a few artists we admire and we would like the opportunity to work with like Kojo Funds, Cadet, Burna, Vianni, the list is endless. We don't just want to be looked at as just Afrobeats artists we want people to understand that we are versatile and we can work with anyone to produce great music. We want to reach different markets and platforms with our sound and talents.

Follow the Afrobeats duo on their official Twitter account: @LocoxEazzy.

Have a listen to their latest track 'Temi' below - it is honestly beautiful!

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