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Logic's Album Announcement Sparks Mixed Reaction

The news has Hip Hop heads excited but Freddie Gibbs' accusations have tarnished it.

31st Mar 2017

Credit Image: Logic

Logic is a cornerstone of the 'unique rapper' generation - he comes with a different flow, profound lyrics and distinct concepts for his albums. Recently, the artist from Maryland announced that his third studio album, 'Everybody', will be released on May 5 - less than a month after Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar drop their new projects, it will be interesting to see if the album can make as much of an impact as his previous two.

While 'The Incredible True Story', dropped in 2015, was perhaps not some of Logic's best individual work - no songs particularly stand out, with the exception of Young Jesus - overall, the album as a whole is something of a storytelling masterpiece, as Logic takes a group of travellers on a journey to Paradise.

Just one look at the album cover shows Logic may be heading in a similar direction with his third installation - and allegedly, everyone on the cover will feature in one way or another.

Logic released 'Everybody' yesterday - and quite ironically, it's exactly what you expect in a Logic single. Rapid delivery over a hard beat, with interjections of a catchy chorus - will we see much of the same in his new album?

One interesting thing to note is the change in album name - from 'AfricAryaN' - as Logic feels he is struggling to convince the world of his African roots. The mixed-race artist intended the album to be "about me being black and white, and seeing life from two sides" - both 'the slave and the master', as he claims in his new track.

Recently, Freddie Gibbs who released 'You Only Live 2wice,' his comeback album after some legal issues in 2016, called out Logic for his so-called unique cover idea which is painted by Sam Spratt and is a replicated painting of, The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese located in the Musée du Louvre. Interestingly, the album cover features rapper such as Drake who are rumoured to be featured on the album. A recent Instagram post reads "Dear @logic301 I hope you purchase my album on Friday due to the fact that you just blatantly jocked my s***. Blessings. #ESGN #YOL2". At the time of writing, Logic has not yet responded, and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

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