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London R&B Starlet Ama Lou Should Be On Your Radar

Ama Lou's DDD EP is just one reason to be excited by the North Londoner.

22nd Jun 2018 / 5 shares

Fans of R&B have really been spoilt for choice in recent times when it comes to great music and now there is another to add to your list – Ama Lou.

Soul starlet Ama Lou recently dropped her latest EP – DDD and is about to accompany Jorja Smith on her US tour. So, here is your chance to be ahead of the curve with a potential future superstar. 

The North Londoner’s project – DDD is a 3-track musical journey that almost has it’s own film-like arch. However, this is no accident. DDD is intended to be a three-part film consisting of 3 soon to be released music videos, in which the EP is the sound track for. 

‘The film follows the character of Ama Lou (who also directed and co-produced the project), a younger in an LA crime ring, over the course of a single day.’

Ama Lou is just 19 years old, yet her sound is already so mature and developed, she is more than a good voice, she can make a song. Moreover, her classic London, skater, artistic aesthetic accompanies her music beautifully.   

There are hints of various artists in her music, from early SZA, around ‘Z’ era, to a female version of Brent Faiyaz. This is why Jorja Smith is such a perfect touring partner. Both have a subtle power and emotion to their voice, needing little instrumentation to thrive. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Ama Lou is on the verge of something special, it’s all there for her, I’d like to think that it is now just a matter of time. 

Check out DDD below and check out Ama Lou’s tour dates on her website here.

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