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London's Hidden Gem, Fwdslxsh Is Producing Other-Worldly Music

Now a Grammy nominated producer, Fwdslxsh continues to prove why he's such a special artist.

10th Jan 2018 / 66 shares

FWDSLXSH is not a music producer; he is a dreamscape artist. His work is atmospheric and oozes mood-altering tranquillity. It is hard to believe that it’s only been just over 3 years since his debut EP The Fall, was released. Now, Fwdslxsh is toying with the idea of a possible Grammy award.

Upon The Fall’s release, Fwdslxsh said the following to Fader - "My debut EP marks the beginning of everything for me. I feel as if it signifies and is a manifestation of a number of new beginnings for me. Having only started creating music recently, this project contains songs that paint a portrayal of my musical journey to date, and reflect my most immediate emotions.”

Now, 4 years later, those same emotions and slightly sharper skills that have propelled him into working with some of the biggest breakout RnB stars in recent years such as 6lack.

The Londoner's work with 6lack on his incredible, now Grammy nominated, break through project Free 6lack is perhaps the best instrumental work on this tape (particularly with Never Know). What better way to open a debut project than the trademark swirling, liquid, ethereal sounds of Fwdslxsh? Oh yeah, you add what is undoubtedly one of the best producer tags in Hip-Hop to it.

The laughing woman is such a perfect producer tag for Fwdslxsh’s music. It’s almost as if this woman has heard the rest of the song before you have and she’s laughing at you, thinking ‘just wait until you hear this…’

Fwdslxsh is a member of London based collective, Last Night In Paris. If you don’t know of their work, they are certainly a group you must check out. From rappers, singers, producers, to tattoo artists, they have a bit of everything and their work is outstanding.

Watch their most recent short film below:

Along with fellow producer, MD$, they laid the soundscape for much of LNIP’s work. Following a similar blueprint in much of his music, it’s a lot to do with, as he’s said before, ‘mood.’ His work very much has a mood to it. Whilst it’s not always the same mood, without question the music has a trance inducing quality.

It’s humbling and beautiful to see an artist grow and succeed before your very eyes, especially when their output is genuinely admirable. I hope this Grammy nod is the first of many. It's not the benchmark of success, that title is down to whatever the artist defines it as. The truth remains that great art will always be rewarded. 

In a similar fashion to how there are certain wines that accompany and compliment certain foods. There is always a 3am drive or scenic walk that would be just that much better with a hint of Fwdslxsh.