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Loyle Carner Brings Out His Mother At Glastonbury Festival

The South London Rapper produced a special moment on the world’s biggest stage.

27th Jun 2017

Image Credit: Sarah Jeynes/ Alan Braidwood

Confessional Hip Hop artist Loyle Carner has been a rising star who has caught the eyes of true Hip Hop fans for his quick-witted lyrics on top of jazzy instrumentals which are reminiscent of the golden era of Hip Hop which so many fans crave.

In front of a packed crowd on the John Peele stage at Glastonbury music festival, Loyle Carner performed an energetic set including tracks from his latest album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ such as ‘Damesfly’ and ‘The Isle of ‘Arran.’ Kitted out in his vintage Eric Cantona football shirt the rapper showcased his confidence and stage presence filling the crowd with warmth.

He’s had an amazing journey, from supporting Nas at the 02 Brixton, to releasing his debut album and performing at Glastonbury - which he frequently reminded the crowd about how much it meant for him to be performing there. Alongside his long-time producer and friend Rebel Kleff, the two put on a party onstage.

No stranger to the Glastonbury experience, Loyle Carner previously performed at the festival two years ago on the BBC music stage but this time he was performing to a much bigger crowd showing the artists meteoric progression.

One particularly special moment came at the end of his forty-minute set where during his song ‘Sun of Jean,’ Loyle Carner brought his mother out onto the Glastonbury stage. Anyone who is a fan of the rapper will have noticed just how much his family means to him, often having his mother and younger brother featuring in his music videos and rapping about them in his lyrics.

The proud moment was appreciated by the supportive crowd and captured by the cameras. Sharing a passionate embrace and shouting out the woman who raised him the pair shared a wonderful personal moment in front of the packed crowd, we look forward to what the future holds for Loyle Carner.

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