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Loyle Carner inspires us on 'The Isle of Arran'

'The Isle Of Arran’ will be on his debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’, coming out in 2017

6th Dec 2016

Image Credit: Billy Zammit/Savetonight

Is Loyle Carner the UK's answer to J. Cole?

He took the chance to celebrate young fathers in his latest video 'The Isle of Arran', directed by Georgia Hudson.

Speaking about the video, Carner said: “A lot of my boys haven’t had the best relationships with their pops, but it’s getting to the point where some of them are becoming fathers themselves. With this video, I just wanted to celebrate the ones who are doing right and sticking around, because slowly they’re shedding the stereotype.”

The song samples the 1960s track ’The Lord Will Make A Way’ by S.C.I Youth Choir', and it is centered around masculinity and fatherhood. It also reminisces on Carner's childhood memories sharing times with his grandfather. Earlier in the year, Carner put out a major call for young fathers to help him produce the video. It sees the London natve walk around a hospital, clubbing together with a with a group of young fathers for a photoshoot with their adorable children.

The song was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show and was hailed her Hottest Record In The World.

Loyle's debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ is out on January 20th. Watch his new video below.

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