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Mahalia announces UK Spring Tour dates

The 19 year old songstress builds on the success of her track 'Sober' with a tour

11th Dec 2017

After a live version of her single, “Sober” went viral earlier in the year, 19 year old Mahalia has been going from strength to strength. Her social media following doubled to almost 30,000 followers, and she quickly announced a set of live performance dates.

The artist, raised in Leicester recently moved back to the city from London. Explaining her decision to move back home, she said: “I realised it was a bit too much for me. I needed to focus, and I got that once I left.” Having signed a major-label record deal aged just 13 – and released a variety of fingerpicking pop projects – moving to the capital had felt like the next step. “You definitely feel like you are losing something not living there,” she admits. “I totally did at the time.”

Speaking about the changes in the music environment, Mahalia said “It felt very male-dominated before; now there is that space for us to come through”. She continued, when Jorja Smith and Mabel burst out, everybody else was like, ‘Cool, this is our time, let’s do it all together’ – and it’s working… Not that I’d put myself in that bracket, necessarily”.

Whether or not the artist decides to follow in Smith and Mabel’s footsteps sonically remains to be seen, but she has announced a series of tour dates for 2018, and her star look set to rise.

Mahalia's Sober:

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