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Masego stuns in Shoreditch with an electrifying performance

Trap House Jazz artist Masego performed live in London – we were there to see it all.

7th Nov 2016

Masego – The Man with the Yams

He’s the eclectic artist fusing the unlikely combination of Trap and Jazz music, Masego is a man who stays true to his roots. He has a genuinely unique music style and is supremely talented, rising to stardom this year as a singer, rapper, producer and saxophonist. Born in Jamaica but representing Virginia, Masego merges this cool Caribbean persona with his musical style and energetic performances. Popular with the ladies, we knew this gig at the intimate Kamio bar in Shoreditch would certainly be a night to remember.

The Performance

Standing at 6 foot 6, dressed casually in a floral T - shirt, tracksuit bottoms and rocking his signature saxophone chain, Masego instantly made a strong impression on the crowd and came out to a warm eruption of noise. Jumping straight into ‘You Gon Learn Some Jazz, the first track off his latest project ‘Loose Thoughts’ you immediately got an idea that his style was very different to any other artist out there. A mix of trappy beats, jazz rifts and silky smooth vocals, Masego lifted the crowd up with his high energy. He then went on to perform his other popular numbers ‘Girls That Dance’ and ‘Bounce’ which spurred a second surge of energy from the crowd. An endearing performer who charmed the crowd with his humour but also blew them away with his impressive dance moves, once Masego got going, there was no stopping him. The whole room sang in unison when he performed the hook of one of his more well-known tracks Late Night – shouting out his friend GoldLink who he collaborated on the song with. Challenging the crowd to recite Masego’s verses perfectly, this call to action summed up the fun and light hearted spirit he was able to invoke from the crowd.

Perhaps what was most impressive was Masego’s skill as an instrumentalist. He showed off his musicality on stage when he coolly used his loop pedal to produce a beat, aptly dropped a freestyle to his new creation and then got the crowd to sing along with him in a masterful display. He gave each audience member a selection of everything from rapping to singing to saxophone playing - everything he did on stage that night was to the highest calibre and it was clear he was having fun whilst doing so. He also debuted an unreleased song called ‘LA’ which the London crowd really appreciated. There are so many different reasons why fans love Masego but what he’s able to do is fuse all of these elements into his music.

The Power of Sax

What was most surprising was Masego’s incredible dancing ability. The artist did not tire as he frequently went from showing off his synchronised dance moves to playing the saxophone to rapping and then back to singing again. The crowd loved it as he masterfully picked up the golden instrument which glistened in the stage lights and began playing his feel good song ‘73 degrees’. There’s something so iconic about the sound of the saxophone, from its J shaped frame to the smoothness of the woodwind instrument’s sound, it really seemed to electrify¬¬ the crowd. It’s not an instrument typically used in Hip Hop so we certainly felt blessed by the way Masego used the instrument during his set; there were roars from the crowd each time he approached the instrument. It may have been a cold night in November but things were getting more and more heated as the night went on.

Blending his light heartedness with his showmanship towards the end of the show, Masego used his plastic money gun to spray ‘Masego dollars’ across the crowd. I managed to pick up a few ‘Masego dollars’ which had a picture of Masego smiling with the statement ‘In Yams We Trust.’

Masego finished the show by walking through the crowd. An endearing performer, he posed for his fans’ Snapchat photos, danced, joked and sang along with them. The feel good vibe from the crowd and the performer effervesced in the room for a while after he left the stage and the party continued through a Hip Hop DJ set. After the show I managed to catch up with Masego and we chatted for a little while. He was very friendly and spoke about his love for performing and his excitement to be in England despite the cold weather.

A fantastic night of entertainment and fun, Masego certainly knows how to put on a show and has one of the most unique sounds in Hip Hop at the moment. Be sure to check out his project ‘Loose Thoughts below:'

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