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Meet Jungle Brown: The UK Rap Collective bringing back Hip Hop’s Golden Era

Find out more about the group ahead of their BoomTown Fair show.

27th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Diplomats of Sound

If you’re a fan of classic Hip Hop, look no further, you’re about to discover the group who are championing the very sound which revolutionised the music world.

Call it a rap renaissance, formed of four artists Mosik, A Boy Called Ric, Maear, and producer Tony Bones, Jungle Brown have carved their own lane by specifically producing music of the Boom Bap era – their soothing classic vibe has the streets talking. Channelling the smooth vibes of some of the greatest Hip Hop groups such as A Tribe Called Quest, the UK group have a completely original sound for this era which will have your heads rocking back and forth. Having released their ‘Flight 314’ EP last year, the group had a very successful 2016, now have a growing buzz and are ready to make an even bigger impact on the music scene this year.

Kids run wild, think they’re the boss, until/ faces get blown off, yet another loss, and for what?

Hailing from the UK the group are able to infuse British culture in their lyrics over smooth jazzy instrumentals in a way that is unique to any other collective on the UK rap scene. Garnering attention in 2016 for their ‘In The City’ SBTV freestyle, the group have pushed on ever since and have released impressive visuals for their track ‘Keep It Moving’ off their latest EP ‘Flight 314.’ Check out the video for ‘Keep It Moving’ below:

The group are avid performers having already gained experienced onstage with Hip Hop royalty such as the legendary Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul and veteran UK MC Speech Debelle. We look forward to covering their energetic performances at BoomTown Chapter Nine.

Bringing you refreshing and soulful vibes, have a listen to Jungle Brown’s ‘Flight 314’ EP below and connect with the group on Twitter: @junglebrownsays

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