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Meet Kyle Bent: The Next Global Rap Superstar

‘Conundrum’ Keakie meets rap superstar Kyle Bent for an exclusive interview.

15th Feb 2017

Credit: Vanyaland

If you haven’t heard of Kyle Bent by now, you’re about to discover an artist who may just be the future of Hip Hop.

The Massachusetts rapper has been making waves recently after the release of his new track ‘Conundrum’ – a dreamy number reflecting on the trials and tribulations of life. The rapper whose cool and calm demeanour hints at his abundance of maturity far beyond his 19 years is assured in his ability to change the world through his music.

Kyle admits that from a young age he was not that familiar with Hip Hop culture, but once he was introduced to the art of freestyle rap at the playground in third grade; he knew music was his calling. By the fifth grade Kyle had formed a rap duo with his close friend Andrew Gourge, writing lyrics to popular instrumentals and unleashing his creativity to a global audience on the worldwide web. As Bent matured he spent more time honing his craft, religiously dedicating hours in his basement armed with his Logitech microphone, teaching himself how to use audio recording software such as Audacity, Adobe Audition, Protools, Sony Vegas and various other music recording programs.

Age is just a number

These strong early foundations placed the rapper in a unique position for his age. By the tender age of fifteen, Bent already had a solid body of work having released three mixtapes and six music videos, all of which had impressive numbers despite his limited resources. In 2014, Bent released his highly acclaimed music video, ‘Mind Control’ which landed him his first 100k views; this got him featured on, MTV, On Demand, Music Choice, and many other prominent television networks. It also caught the attention of many influential Hip Hop music blogs; Hip Hop advocates such as Underground Hip Hop, HHS97, The Source, XXL.

What makes Bent’s rapping style so unique is that it is the full package. His deep voice is easy on the ears, whereas his hard – hitting lyrics makes the listener attentive; his wordplay is very intricate but his delivery is clean. When speaking to Kyle about some of the artists he’s worked with before including Joyner Lucas and Chicago star Mick Jenkins, he tells me that what he likes about these artists is that ‘we’re all similar but we’ve all blown up in our own different ways.’ On his track ‘Divine’ featuring Mick Jenkins you really can observe this similarity which Kyle refers to but it serves as enriching and congruent rather than repetitive.

Kyle Bent is not just a recording artist. He has a passion for performing and opened for Machine Gun Kelly a few years ago, someone who he considers ‘a dope artist’ and experience he described as ‘exhilarating.’ When challenged about whether performing ever gets overwhelming he coolly explained that he loves it and that having people respond to his music is exactly what he wants: ‘The opposite to that is people not feeling my music at all. It’s like the first time you do anything, you know, getting high or whatever, you remember it over and over.’ Clearly loving a crowd, he excitedly revealed to us that he will be going on tour again later this year.

Artistry is at the heart of everything he does. Kyle enjoys conceptual art and stressed to me the importance of quality video production. On his website he showcases a powerful video, whose title may seem paradoxical at first, but as you watch reveals an important lesson about life from someone so young. A powerful narration with some awesome visuals, his video ‘Complex Simplicity’ questions the meaning of life, the purpose of why we do things and what we should focus on in order to live better, more fulfilling lives.

The Power of Music

Kyle Bent also appreciates the power of Hip Hop music and is never shy of talking about social issues. He defiantly told us that he feels it is ‘mandatory for artists to speak on social issues since we are ‘humans first, artists second’ with this attitude he takes on a responsibility that other rappers twice his age refrain from for fear of backlash. However, Kyle incorporates his social consciousness into his image. An advocate for environmental issues, he explained to us how environmental problems, in his eyes, are the biggest social problem of all and that we all need to do more to protect Mother Nature. When discussing race issues in America, he explained to me that where he’s from Randolph, Massachusetts everybody gets along and that in the grand scheme of things differences in race should be trivial; ‘we’re all the same on the inside.’ His words make for apt Instagram quotables but these are the genuine values that this young man upholds.

Speaking of values, another thing that Kyle Bent holds dear is spirituality. If you listen carefully to his lyrics, you will catch references to the higher realm. He raps: ‘I been, tripping off knowledge/Third eye expanding my noggin/I can see clearly through all of the nonsense/Be cautious they tryna keep everyone boxed in.’ Admitting to us that spirituality is one of the main reasons he connects with music, Kyle says he incorporates things like meditation into his daily life, often mediating to keep his mind focused. Advising his followers on Twitter, ‘If you're big on meditation, make sure you're big on grounding too.’ The rapper often references reincarnation and chakras in his songs, concepts which may go over the average listener’s head but could spark curiosity and unlock a whole new world for listeners should they choose to delve in with Kyle.

Kyle Bent’s ambition drives him, when asked where he sees himself by the end of this year he confidently told us that he sees himself being five times bigger. Citing Bob Marley as an inspiration, perhaps because of Kyle’s Jamaican heritage, he aims to be a cultural icon expanding outside just the field of music. From speaking to him and hearing his work, his goals seem more than likely. Remember the name, Kyle Bent, you’ll be hearing about him a lot more in the future.

Connect with Kyle Bent on Twitter: @Iamkylebent

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