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Meet Lauren Faith: The UK’s Next R&B Global Superstar

We caught up with the singer who's worked with Craig David and Kaytranada.

31st Jul 2017

Image Credit: Sam Gyang

Lauren Faith is a young lady who has it all.

Her talents as a singer/songwriter and producer have already been recognised by two of contemporary R&B’s biggest stars: UK legend Craig David and Canadian super producer Kaytranada. Lauren is now ready to share her talents with the world, releasing two singles this year ‘Rush’ and ‘Let Them Talk’ ahead of her debut album set to be released next year.

Hidden at the end of a secluded residential road in North London, we visited the large, glass building where JEM Music Group is located and spoke to the emerging singer-songwriter about various topics ranging from her early music influences, to the debut album she’s currently working on.

JEM Music Group are the management company that look after both Lauren Faith and Craig David. Whilst there, we were able to get a glimpse into the busy lives of the JEM managers and artists, as well as a peek into Craig David’s own studio; equipped with giant speakers, a long line of MOBO Awards, and of course a few Gold and Platinum Records scattered around the walls. A hub for creativity, the postmodern vibes of JEM built excitement for our interview with Lauren as we waited in the lobby.

The Next R&B Superstar

We waited for Lauren in her studio next door. As soon as she entered she filled the room with her radiant energy, beautiful smile and sunglasses which gave off the impression of a born superstar. Lauren’s honesty, humility and positivity was striking. Her passion for music effervesced as soon as we began our discussion about her musical journey. Breaking the ice by telling us about her Mother’s vinyl collection which included the likes of George Benson and Earth Wind and Fire, her Funk and Soul influences can be felt in the music she produces to this date.

Lauren’s eclectic sound draws influence from our generation’s greatest artists including Erykah Badu, India Arie and her idol Mary J Blige who she recently supported in Birmingham and London. Her velvet vocals and silky tones are featured on the track ‘Got It Good’ which is on both Craig David’s and Kaytranada’s album – a song that she also has writing credits on. Describing her experience working with Kaytranada she said: ‘I’m very excited about it still and it was a very exciting process being in the studio with Craig. We did the song, sent it to Kaytranada and he loved it. I was in LA at the time it came out but once I heard it, I had it on repeat for ages.’

The track certainly has a lot of replay value, the chemistry on the track between Lauren Faith, Kaytranada and Craig David is unmatched, with an infectious bass and meaningful lyrics, ‘Got It Good’ is a welcome return of the silky smooth classic R&B tracks that fans have been longing for in the modern era of music.

Lauren teased that she may have a few more upcoming collaborations in the works with Kaytranada who is working on his follow up album to the critically acclaimed ‘99.9%.’

Touring With Craig David

When we conducted our interview with Lauren in London, she had just got back from Rochester the previous night, following a performance with Craig David. She described the touring experience as ‘incredible.’ Explaining what it’s like to us, Lauren sounded determined: ‘It’s been great to be around Craig David and just learn how it really works, play those big arenas and set goals for myself so that one day I can be the artist headlining the tour myself.’

Lauren’s admiration for her mentor Craig David was notable, explaining how the veteran singer had given her advice for surviving the music industry. She explained how he had taught her about honing her individuality and about sacrifice. The respect between the pair is mutual, with Craig David describing Lauren as something special, particularly because of her ability as a singer/songwriter to produce which gives her a creative edge over her counterparts.

Future R&B

When speaking about her two newly released single, Lauren was honest and personal. The lyrics in her song ‘Let Them Talk’ certainly allude to personal battles she may have faced in her life. Lauren explained how she had a ‘tough time in school with bullying’ and how she wished her younger self had this song to get through this difficult period. ‘I used to listen to a lot of empowering music to help me get through things, ‘Let them Talk’ is about keeping a force field of your own energy around you and not letting anybody get in the way.’

Her recent single ‘Rush’ gives off a feel-good summer vibe. Lauren succinctly describes the track as ‘just a summer song about when you meet somebody and they make you feel brand new again, they give you that rush, they give you that new surge of energy.’ The catchy song is a summer smash, already racking up thousands of plays on Spotify and shows off the star’s versatility to write Pop hits.

Lauren Faith’s style is unique as her songs draw upon so many different genres. We discussed the importance of genre blending and she took well to our description of her sound as similar to the chilled out vibes of Majestic Casual. Claiming that she likes to blend genres in order to ‘keep them alive,’ Lauren lightly laces her tracks with silky vocals over chilled instrumentals which makes her sound pertain to the future. Equally, she still has the vocal range to belt like the classic female R&B singers that she is influenced by.  

As our interview drew to a close, we discussed which artists Lauren would love to collaborate with in the future and she was unapologetic in her admiration of R&B, Funk and Soul trailblazer Anderson Paak. Highlighting his unique style and ability to sing, write and produce, she predicted he will be ‘a legend of our lifetime.’

Keakie predicts that Lauren Faith will be the next global R&B superstar from the UK. Be sure to listen to her new single ‘Rush’ below and connect with Lauren Faith on her socials: @LaurenKFaith.

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