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Meet Max Denham, The London DJ Going Global

We caught up with Max Denham to speak about DJ life and Hip Hop taking him around the world.

15th May 2017

His job has brought him some of the most exciting moments of his life. Max Denham is a cultural curator, lover of Hip Hop and a man on a mission to share his talent with the world.

The Life Of A DJ

From the tender age of 15 he embarked on his journey to become a DJ, ‘straight from school DJing became my life.’ Full of passion he started off by performing at friend’s parties, honing his craft each week but now he travels the world to perform sets. The only other job he’s had in his life was as a sales assistant at LEVI’s but he ended up quitting after just one day at work after fortuitously being thrown into the DJ world through a surprise job offer at West End DJs. He’s now one of the most sought after DJ’s in the capital, recently performing at Tottenham Hotspurs’ Premier League superstar and PFA Young Player of The Year Dele Alli’s 20th birthday, who is a good friend and a fan of Max’s work.

Although he’s a Londoner at heart, Max’s life now involves a lot of travelling across the globe. The DJ’s life is fast and thrusts him to lots of wonderful locations from Dubai to Marbella, spreading Hip Hop culture to an international audience.

He told us about his favourite experience as a DJ so far, performing for Grime legend Jammer at his ‘Big Jam’ event in Maidstone, Kent. A hectic street party event, Max performed to the delirious crowd with Jammer onstage and on the same night had to be in Cardiff within hours for another gig – the DJ life certainly does not stop.

As a London native, we discussed the recent rise of Grime and he explained how he saw it coming for a while. Back in 2014, at a club in LA, he explained Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’ had an extremely positive reaction from the US crowd: ‘I always knew that he was going to do something huge. I went over to a club in LA a few years ago and they were playing ‘Shutdown’ he’s killed the scene and opening doors for the UK.’

He explained how in 2017 it is a similar reaction when he plays Drake and Giggs’ ‘More Life’ collaboration ‘KMT.’ He emphasised how he has to play the track until the end as the crowd go wild for Giggs’ final Batman line – UK culture is certainly going global.

A fan of Hip Hop

Interestingly, Max explained how the music he plays in clubs is different to the music he truly appreciates when he’s not in the hectic setting onstage. He explained how he is a fan of the art of Hip Hop and expressed his love for Chance’s The Rapper’s music. 

Following the Independent Rapper’s Grammy success, we connected on the Chicago native’s journey since his ‘10 Days’ mixtape. ‘I’ve been onto Chance since day one…he’s broken down the doors, Coloring Book is one of my favourite albums of all time.’ He’s also a big fan of Chance’s mentor Kanye West, describing the song ‘UltraLight Beam’ as a ‘masterpiece.’ Max is also an avid fan of J.Cole who he was fortunate enough to meet after performing at a club he was in a few years back: ‘I actually met J.Cole at Funky Buddah back in 2012, I had a proper chat with him, usually an artist of that level can be arrogant and wouldn’t want to talk to anyone but he shook my hand and congratulated me on my set.’

The Future

A lot is in store for Max Denham. He recently dropped a quick mix on his twitter combining the unlikely artists Ed Sheeran, Giggs and Serani which racked up over 250,000 content impressions. He joked how he made a bet with his friend before uploading it how by producing his most least technical mix he would be able to garner the biggest reaction and so he did.

He is also excited about an ‘undercover’ project he has been working on for nearly a year and gave us an exclusive drop on the 40 track project that he has been working on with another House producer which will be pushed in the States. Always an experimental character, Max is looking to blend genres and tap into the vibrant House music scene in the states whilst still staying true to his Hip Hop roots. As well as touring, which he explains he’s always been doing since his early days DJing at West End Djs, ‘I’ve always been used to going to bed at 4/5 O’clock. His work ethic has certainly paid off and Max has come a long way. We’re excited to hear what’s next from Max Denham and where his music takes him in the future.

Connect with Max Denham on social media (Instagram and Twitter): @MaxDenham

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