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Meet Prin$e William: The New Wave of Houston's Underground

Keakie met with Prin$e William to explore his mind and world of music in this exclusive interview.

30th Dec 2016

In a conversation with hip-hop artist Prin$e William, we discuss mentalities, new music and his process, as well as Houston influences and the scenery of his ‘911 Flame’ video!

In the past years leading up to today, some of biggest names out of Houston Texas making moves would include le flame himself, Travi$ Scott, as well as artists like T-Wayne and Chedda Tha Connect, who’s flame didn’t last nearly as long. Today, artists like Maxo Kream and Trill Sammy are gaining more and more recognition, while Prin$e looks to join the wave with his own distinct sound.

Keakie: Hey Prin$e, Listening to your latest group of releases on SoundCloud, the lyrics all sound super genuine. What’s the idea behind these drops?

Prin$e: Thanks, these are songs that I’ve made from 2013-2015. The plan is to give people an experience and feel for the different sounds that I had explored earlier in my career. I’m going to compile those tracks and make it a prequel to my upcoming project ‘911 Flame’. The name of the prequel is ‘Dear Future’. I’m sitting on 100+ tracks and just trying to sort things out.

Love the concept! So what have you learned over the course of making all of that music?

I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be comfortable with who you are. Be authentic with every musical approach, and don’t limit yourself when it comes to getting things done. Also, not sitting, waiting, and depending on someone to go that extra mile for you.

That’s definitely the attitude you need to have in this industry. On the topic of authenticity, what’s the music-making process like? Take us through the making of a typical song.

Absolutely, and that attitude can be used in any aspect in life. My music starts with the beat. I groove with it for a bit to let the hook hit me, and sometimes I kinda freestyle it. The lyrics are present tense mixed with my natural essence of who I am. Expanding and mixing every emotion, whatever it may be. Me and my engineer Chris Macek, who has worked with Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, have built a good rapport so I’m with him during mixing and I try to be as hands on as possible. We get full songs done in one session which lasts one or two hours. I’m also very hands on with my visuals.

Very interesting. Could you tell me more about the visuals for ‘911 Flame’ then? The locations and mix of scenery is really interesting. What was shooting the video like?

The track itself is about being away from the one you love, but having the discernment that regardless of what’s happening, they’ll always be there. I was at a place where I was forced to use my faith so the scenery represents the mindset I was in. Basically the entire video is an invitation to that special woman to manifest physically. There are a couple of scenes in Austin, Texas, and some in Thailand. It was a dope experience for my first.

Wow, I bet shooting in Thailand was super cool. What effect has Houston and your area had on you so far in your career?

Houston has molded my attitude as an artist. Rather than having one person as my mentor, I was able to learn from the actions and mindsets from the city as a whole. Sometimes it seems only one sound is appreciated here. The sound I’m going for isn’t very common and being overlooked made me who I am. I was humbled but at the same time my lane was magnified.

Do you have a dream collaboration in mind?

Andre 3K was always someone I looked up to along with others like Jay-Z, but I think a song with 3 stacks would amplify my vision.

Love it. Andre is one of the GOATs and we see the potential in you to make it one day!

With a video that carries a fiery aesthetic despite a mix of backgrounds, Prin$e William tells the story of a struggle with faith and an emotional venting to a woman that potentially plays a significant role in his life. Coming from Houston, Prin$e William separates himself from other artists by adapting a darker, explosive, and sonic feeling sound.

Moving on to 2017, Prin$e looks to build up to ‘Dear Future’, a prelude to his ‘911 Flame’ mixtape, which is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious projects to look forward to in the new year. ‘Dear Future’ will drop in the first quarter of 2017, so keep it Keakie for all hip-hop and culture updates until then!

Follow Prin$e William on Twitter @PrinnceWilliam and peep his freshly dropped art for ‘Dear Future’!

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