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Meet The Future of Music, It’s ROMderful

We spoke to rising star Soulection producer ROMderful – an artist we believe is the future of music.

19th Apr 2017

He’s the artist with one of the most exciting sounds in music right now.

ROMderful, formerly known as ROM is the quirky producer who has the whole web talking right now. The 20-year-old creative genius from Birmingham who enjoys professing his love for pineapples and video games to his fans, notes that it was his curious nature that first got him into the wonderful world of music production. Mistaking popular producing software Fruity Loops for a video game at the tender age of ten, the precocious talent had already picked up a guitar by the age of seven and set his sights on what was to be his destiny; becoming a global music superstar.

Known for his eclectic butter mixes of soulful sounds which have amassed an organic following of over 33,000 followers on SoundCloud, ROM took us back to where it all began: ‘Church was a big part of my childhood, a lot of music in church tends to be very creative, the chords tend to be very different. A lot of kids around that age are listening to Pop or Top 40 but I was there listening to music with different time signatures and really weird chords.’

His taste later developed into noughties RnB which is clearly a big influence on his music. ROMderful’s SoundCloud is a showcase of incredibly unique edits of some of your favourite RnB jams. Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Bobby Valentino, Usher the list is quite literally endless. ROM’s signature sound is easily identifiable, delicate instrumentation, a deceptively slow start and then a sudden emersion of wavy sonics which leaves listeners stunned, barely remembering the original track and replacing it with ROM’s remix as their new favourite – hearing his music for the first time is akin to discovering a new island, the Midlands producer takes pride in taking his fans on a musical adventure. When speaking about the ‘ROMderful stamp’ his music has, he coolly explained: ‘I just started to make music that I wanted to hear and what I felt was missing.’

Love is The Key

An overarching theme in ROMderful’s music is love. Having been a follower of his music for a while we joked about the remarkable effects his songs can have on one’s love life – if you’re still waiting for that text back from your crush, ROMderful’s music may just be a viable solution to your problem. Admitting music is his main form of expression, you’ll often find ROM tweets about how much emotion he has put into his latest studio session. Producing over five beats a day, his dedication is an expression of his reality. He once tweeted: ‘Definitely one of those nights when I stay up and make heartbreak music.’ When asked about this tweet he explained: Music is my everything for life’s challenges, it’s all I have, one thing about me is I’ll talk to anybody about anything but my feelings.’

Soulection Family

Collaboration is a big part of ROM’s game. Another artist whose catalogue consists of mainly love songs is fellow Soulection family member Emmavie. Having spoken to Emmavie personally she described ROM to me as her boo and the love was mutual when ROM spoke about his relationship with Emmavie: ‘She’s like my big sister. I have so much love for Emmavie, she’s the most amazing person I know in the music industry.' United by renowned LA radio collective Soulection, the pair have multiple released and unreleased songs together but one track which has been on rotation recently is their latest collaboration ‘Murder’ featuring Jarreau Vandal.

He told us a little bit more about the creative process behind the track: ‘After I played the Electric Brixton show with Soulection, Jarreau Vandal came to London for a week or two after to do some sessions and me and him made the beat for the song in one session…we sent it to Emmavie and when she sent it back with her vocals we were both like WOAH!’ The chemistry between the trio can be felt on the track’s flawless production and silky vocals which you can hear below:

The ultimate co-sign from the Soulection family came when head of Soulection Radio Joe Kay reached out to ROM to do a white label project last year, an exclusive showcase of the very best producers which have also been done by the likes of Tom Misch, J Louis, Monte Booker, Sivey and StarRo which proves ROMderful is in exciting company. ‘Around February last year Joe Kay slid into my Twitter DMs…telling me I was one of the special ones and that meant a lot to me because I’ve been a big fan of Soulection from the very beginning.’ The Brit is clearly making a big impact Stateside and his growth as an artist is clear to see with his fan base growing healthily in the United States.

The Law Of Attraction

Another artist who is a fan of ROMderful’s music is Virginia’s ‘TrapHouseJazz’ pioneer Masego. Describing his relationship with Masego, ROM dropped a few gems: ‘One reason why I’ll always respect Masego is because I remember when we skyped back in 2013, he told me he’d get his first EP premiered on Billboard and he’d tour the world and then he just did it – I rate him so much, he’s so inspiring and has always believed in me.’ We spoke about the law of attraction and the power of speaking your dreams into existence, something ROM learned from Masego’s well-placed confidence at the time.

The pair have a popular track together with US rap talisman GoldLink, a smooth remix of his track ‘Late Night.’ GoldLink reached out to ROM for the remix which again is a testament to the Brit’s talent. Speaking of the law of attraction, ROM’s ambitions are big this year and he has already set his sights on working with LA superstar Anderson Paak; a collaboration that the world needs to hear.

Feeling ROMderful

Speaking on his upcoming single, he hinted that it will be more upbeat and experimental and features LA-born singer Miki Rose. ‘The track is about love and relationships as all my music is about,’ he joked. ROM tells us to expect an up-tempo, radio friendly track, so we expect ROMderful to showcase his musical versatility on this new number. On working with undiscovered talent, ROM explained that he will always give emerging artists a chance. ‘We all have to start at 300 followers on SoundCloud before we can reach 300,000.’

Reminiscing on the earlier days in his musical journey, he explained how he used to send his beats to different artists every day, some would respond with rejection, others wouldn’t even respond. However, instead of letting this dishearten him, it strengthened him to hone his craft because he always believed in himself.

The music industry is quickly changing, streaming platforms like SoundCloud mean that top quality music is more accessible around the world and independent artists can build a loyal fan base online – ROMderful is a perfect example of how well this can work. The ever expanding market place which we all know as the worldwide web has certainly opened the doors for him to collaborate with bigger artists who are discovering his talent online; however, it is his hard work and dedication to his craft which is the main reason why he is destined for stardom.

ROMderful is certainly getting his face out there more this year and showcasing his vibrant personality. He’s started to provide fans with very entertaining appearances through jam sessions on Facebook live, often teasing them with unreleased tracks. We look forward to hearing more from ROMderful. With a trip to LA, a few new singles coming out soon as well as some new tour dates, so much more awaits the Birmingham Wonderkid this year – the future looks very bright.

Connect with ROMderful on social media (Twitter and Instagram): @ROMderful

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