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Meet The Singer who claims God told him to perform at Trump’s Inauguration

Travis Greene is making headlines for his decision, but his unique reasons may surprise you.

19th Jan 2017

On Friday 20th of January President – Elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the USA.

Some people still can’t believe it but it is happening. Eternally in the headlines, Donald Trump is always sparking some kind of controversy and this time it is over who will be performing at his inauguration. Normally an honour and a highlight of any artists’ career, an inauguration invitation usually has an automatic response of yes. However, this time things are a little different – just like Trump’s whole electoral campaign. Several artists including Elton John and Jennifer Holiday have turned down invitations to perform at Trump’s ball; perhaps because of what Donald Trump represents. Some are good career moves from artists who don’t want to hurt their core fan base but others are conscientious objectors, disgusted by Trump’s behaviour.

One artist perhaps not as known to the mainstream but who is well respected in the Gospel world is singer Travis Greene. Nominated for nine Grammy awards this year, the gospel star proudly took to Instagram to announce that he would be performing at Trump’s inauguration – even before Trump’s team had officially announced it. In his Instagram post he explained his reasons: After much prayer, deliberation and soul-searching, I literally spoke to most of my spiritual advisers throughout the country, and it was an overwhelming, ‘Go!'’

Make no mistake it took great courage for this man to announce his performance so boldly. He has since received serious backlash from the public on social media; many of them being his former fans. One tweeter wrote: ‘Hopefully Travis Greene's tour sales don't go down for performing at the Inaugural Ball.’ Another wrote: Awwwwww @TravisGreeneTV not you too?! Trump's inauguration, brother? Some of the other tweets were even worse but Greene says that he is paying no attention to it because he is doing what the Lord has told him to do: ‘“So I believe that this is a door open from God for me to engage in culture – not to sit back and tolerate or complain, but to help redefine culture in some way. So I’m taking the light and the love of Jesus where it belongs,” Greene said nobly in a video posted on his Instagram - he has clearly put his faith before his reputation.

What’s ironic is that the same people who do not support Trump because of his divisive tactics and hateful rhetoric spewed the exact same sentiments towards this man on social media, and whilst we may not agree with Trump and what he represents, Travis Greene’s decision to perform is an expression of his Christian faith which has to be respected. Part of the problem and perhaps one of the main reasons why Trump will be sitting in the White House is because of many liberal thinkers who dismiss others who disagree with them and hypocritically disenfranchise those who do not share their views.

In an interview with TMZ, Greene said he asked himself three questions before accepting the offer: first, if he’d do it for free; second whether he’d do it if no one was watching and lastly and most importantly ‘what would Jesus do?’ Even if you are not religious you have to respect that this man has found some light in the whole situation and is sending a message of hope because right now the world needs it.

The song he will be performing is called ‘Intentional’ – it’s an uplifting song which earned him a 2016 Grammy nomination. Watch the full video for ‘Intentional’ below:

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