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Metro Boomin Plans To Launch His Own Record Label

The Atlanta producer disclosed the details of his plans in a recent interview.

27th Feb 2017

Image Credit: GQ

Metro Boomin has recently announced plans to start his own record label. He hopes to use it to share “new sounds and new vibes” with his fans. The Atlanta-based producer revealed these plans and more in an in-depth interview with GQ. Here are some of the best excerpts from the interview:

Are you working on any projects in particular?

I'm really just working on my album. That's the main focus.

How long have you been DJing?

I would say a year and half. I guess it's been two years now. It feels new to me, compared to making beats.

Gucci Mane first inviting you to the studio was a big moment early on in your career. Gucci's proven to be one music's biggest tastemakers. Is that a role you aim to take on yourself?

That's always been something I want to do. I'm heavily influenced by a lot of people like Dre, Pharrell, and Kanye. They're all big time tastemakers and trendsetters, just for culture, period. So I strive to do that as well. I'm starting my label up, so of course I'm going to keep bringing new things to the table: new artists, new sounds, and new vibes for people to love and live with.

You've designed shirts, sneakers, and tour merch—all of which sold out immediately. Do you plan on doing more of that this year?

I'm always going to be heavy in producing. It's always going to come first. It never can't come first. But last year, 2016, I focused on DJing. Now that it's 2017, I'm gonna gravitate towards fashion. Like we just had with the Alexander Wang campaign and things like that.

What are your next set of goals for 2017?

I want to have the album out. I want to get on that Top 10 list for albums, for sure. I can't tell you how serious I am about this shit and how serious it is. That and everything with the label. That and more DJing. More fashion shit. To be a better person, and in better health. To be better to the people in my life. Not to say that I'm not, but you can always be better. You can always be better. 2017 is just better. Better entertainment. Better records.

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