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Michael Jackson vs Beyonce, Who Is The Better Performer?

Who would you rather see live?

22nd Apr 2018 / 6 shares

Image Credit; Vogue

Formerly known as Coachella, now more popularly regarded as Beychella, has sparked a lot of discussion between music fans - Who is a better live performer, Michael Jackson or Beyonce?

The G.O.A.T title is not plural, and we love to compare the greats in whichever field to establish one. Maradona or Messi? Jordan or Lebron? Ali or Tyson?

These types of discussions will go on forever. Both sides of the coin will argue tirelessly over who is the best and will display concrete evidence to support their argument. A grandfather will say Maradona hands down, while his 18 year old grandson would opt for Messi no question. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we will never reach a unanimous decision, why? Simply because the two (or more) we wish to argue over are in different eras. And the same applies to Michael Jackson vs Beyonce.

Before the concert Beyonce had already made history by being the first black woman to ever headline Coachella. After the concert she made history for one of the most memorable live performances ever, adding to her catalogue of standout performances. The phrase ‘it broke the internet’ couldn’t be more fitting. And to be fair, props have to be given.

Her individual dancing, her bands flawless choreography, the lighting, the backdrops, the outfit changes, the vocals, the guests, and her all out aggression and passion when performing cannot be overlooked. You must admire the dedication she puts into her shows. Everything is so precisely measured, and perfectly executed. Take a glimpse of her Coachella performance:

During this show she brought out the likes of Jay-Z and Solange, as well as a fan-favorite throwback bringing Destiny's Child back on stage for a magical reunion. Potently transitioning between different songs and albums, and to mention this is just a few months post pregnancy, Beyonce has delivered what is already a legendary performance.

Not surprisingly, when she sent the internet into a frenzy, Michael Jackson’s name came into discussion. People hailing Beyonce as the greatest of live performances got MJ fans quick to respond…

And rightly so. Michael Jackson is the GOAT. MJ would send people to the ER after fainting during his performances. People literally couldn’t handle it.

What Michael Jackson had that no one will ever replicate is his swagger. He made the difficult look so easy. Everything he did on stage was sublime. So effortless and smooth. And while he did have shows with background dancers, props and a detailed choreography, at times, all he needed was a mic, a hat and his glove. His aura by itself could rock a show, let alone his music, voice and dances.

Watch this and try to stop:

Not to throw shade at Beyonce but I don’t know how Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams will fare alongside MJ on stage… (I love Destiny’s Child by the way)

But for a younger generation, Beyonce is the best and there is no doubt about it. No one else in this era can put on a better show than Beyonce, that’s a fact. Some people will argue she is the best of all time, and many will disagree. Being that they are in two different eras will always make this a tricky conversation. What’s for certain is that they are both legends and we should accept them separately, without having to compare. Both have a catalogue of amazing performances that are certified legendary.

For what it’s worth, in my opinion MJ has been the GOAT, is the GOAT and will for always be the GOAT. In everything, GOAT.

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