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Nike Expands Its Plus-Size Women's Athletic Collection

The apparel brand makes a statement, saying “size doesn’t matter” in their new sports collection.

4th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Nike

Nike has started offering more clothing for plus-sized women ranging from XL to 3XL. The plus-sized apparel includes tops, tights, hoodies and sports bras.

Nike’s spokesman said “Nike recognises that women are stronger, bolder and more outspoken than ever. In today’s world, sport is no longer something that she does, it’s who she is. The days where we have to add ‘female’ before ‘athlete’ are over. She is an athlete, period. And having helped fuel this cultural shift, we celebrate these athletes’ diversity, from ethnicity to body shape.”

The company started offering more of the merchandise over the holiday shopping season. Rossiter said that Nike plans to increase its plus-sized offering for women and will add 200 more products this spring. The company has also featured the clothes prominently on its website under a section for women’s plus-size clothing.

Women’s apparel is a key industry category. Recently Nike said that it wanted to increase its women’s sales 93% in 5 years to $11 billion, which would make women’s apparel the focal point of the company.

Speaking about the line, Nike’s VP of women’s training apparel Helen Boucher said “We know that body weights are distributed differently for everybody and as we look at plus size, there is more variance. When we design for plus size, we aren’t just proportionately making our products larger. That doesn’t work because as we know, everyone’s weight distribution is different. That means not only fitting the garments on real bodies, but also designing with the women who wear them in mind. For plus size, we do also take a particular eye to colour. We pick colours that we know flatter her form more.”

Boucher continued “we know from talking to women that while they want black on tight-fitting garments, since black is very flattering, they also want bright pops of colour. To deliver this, women might accentuate with foundational pieces like the Pro Bra, a tank or a jacket.”

In extending their size options, Nike hopes to push all women to push themselves. “The motivation in young girls today is to be strong. And while strong looks different for everybody, what’s consistent in athletes today is that fitness is very much a part of her lifestyle - our motivation is to ensure she has the solutions to achieve her full potential as an athlete.

“Strong is the keyword for us; size doesn’t matter”.

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