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Off-White™ Releases More Affordable Line, "For All"

Virgil Abloh's designer label has dropped a more affordable line of clothing.

10th Jan 2018

As the hype continues to bubble around an Off White and Nike collection, Virgil's label has debuted a more affordable line. The line is called "For All", and it's a new collection that features pieces including graphic T-shirts and hoodies at a much lower price point than Off White's signature pieces.

That said, the tees are set to be priced at $95 USD and the hoodies retail at $170 USD. In a recent interview with Business of Fashion about the line, Abloh stated that “the price tier allows for a new customer to see themselves within the overall concept of the fashion label. Off-White™ can be luxury at a traditional luxury price point, or equally it can be relevant at an affordable price point.”

The "For All" collection is now available from 11 Off-White stores all around the world. This includes the stores in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney. The brand's head man has already hinted that there could be further price reductions on the way, telling the Business of Fashion that he would drop new releases "periodically but with the freedom to decide where and when in each instance.”

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